Welcome to 2012.

March 10, 2012

We went to Sebring in January, and rocked it. Multiclass racing is very different, and only whetted my appetite for our pure class racing. The F2000 Championship Series this year is going to be the most exciting series to watch. Yeah, I know Indy Car is going to have its new cars, but so do we. Radon and RFR are beginning to propagate through the field, with some very big names switching chassis. It is going to make for a very interesting opening round at VIR.

We're sticking with our Van Diemen, for the most part, so far and I can tell you that the car and the driver are sorted even better than they were last year, which means unfortunate things for the rest of the field. With GTP once again behind us, and a full year worth of experience and communication, we're going to be strong.

Last year I stated my goal as a 10th place overall finish in the points, and we did significantly better. This year the goal for us is going to be a top-three points finish, with a hope that we overachieve again. Even so, it is the loftiest goal I have ever set for myself, considering the competition. My money is on Livengood, Minor and Connery to be dogging for the championship lead all year as well, although the top eight are extremely stacked. We just need to put together consistent finishes and find the podium more consistently than last year. I am confident in myself that for the first time I can run with them, every weekend, as well.

I feel very confident coming in this year, but please don't mistake it for arrogance. We will be putting on the greatest show in racing this year, and my hope is to be a part of the top group that makes it so exciting to follow along with. I know with the work that Glenn and Michael have put in over the winter in the car, and the effort I have made to better myself as a driver are going to help us toward success this year. It will be the hardest fight I have ever had, I can assure you that and that is what makes it so exciting. I get to test Tim 2.0 against the highest competition that exists at this level of open wheel, and I expect myself to succeed. If not, there's no one to blame but myself and that's not something I'm prepared to carry with me, so my only option is success.

Win, lose or draw, I can't wait to get the season kicked off, and to see all my friends at VIR again. It's going to be a very good year.


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