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Formula Race Promotions (FRP) is the East Coast's premiere hosting body for formula car racing. From the highly competitive F1600 series to our our core F2000 series, Atlantic and informal Right Coast Formula Ford Series, FRP offers a wide array of championships for teams and drivers alike to partake in. Formed in 2006, we are sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing and hold events at some of the east coast's most exciting and prestigious circuits. Discover our series in detail below. We hope to see you on the grid or in the paddock at our next event!

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F1600, often called FF or Formula Ford, has a rich history in both the USA and around the world. The first F1600’s were introduced to the USA in 1969 and have been continuously raced ever since. It is a non-winged purpose built single seat race car which is well known to be a great training ground for career minded drivers, and a highly competitive class for all participants. It has a reputation for being one of the most economical classes, and with the addition of the FIT motor from Honda to the class, the cost saving just got better. Many of the top drivers in the world started in FF, including Aryton Senna in Europe and Michael Andretti in the USA. Current alumni of F1600 include Aaron Telitz (Indy Lights), Simon Sikes (USF2000), Dario Cangialosi (IMSA LMP3), and Neil Verhagan (Red Bull development driver).

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F2000 is a formula that was developed in England in the mid 1970’s and has gone through a couple of evolutions to become one of the best rides for the money in road racing. It is a step up from F1600, with the addition of more horsepower, larger tires and aero considerations in the form of wings and diffusers. The suspension geometry of a modern F2000 is as sophisticated as anything out there, and offers great training for drivers, engineers and mechanics. It is a formula, not a spec car, so there are numerous chassis designs, multiple motors allowed, and room to make a better mouse trap. At the same time, there are enough restrictions to keep costs in check. With all of that, the F2000 Series routinely has top ten qualifying time spreads measured in tenths of a second. The pedigree of top drivers who learned their trade in F2000 include Dan Weldon, Patrick Carpentier, Paul Tracy, Aryton Senna, Sam Hornish, Jr. and more recently, Connor Daly (IndyCar), Kyle Marcelli (PWC), Santino Ferrucci (IndyCar).

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Formula Atlantic cars are not for the faint of heart or beginners. They are sophisticated, 300 hp race cars capable of speeds in excess of 175 mph. If you can drive an Atlantic car well, you can drive an Indycar. They are also a natural progression from F2000 and possibly F1600. These cars have highly developed aerodynamic packages and are very sensitive to setup changes and driving techniques, making them an ideal teaching platform for both driver and crew seeking to go to the highest levels of motor racing.


The Right Coast Formula F Series (RCFFS) is an East Coast North American series racing under the umbrella of FRP. RCFFS started as DUFFUS back in 2013. Right Coast simply defines where we are scheduling races and is not meant to slight the Left Coast, aka California, etc., in any way. We pride ourselves on promoting the country’s most inclusive race events catering to Formula F cars  (FF, Formula Ford, CF, HF) of all configurations and drivers of all ages with minimally demanding requirements.The RCFFS offers a format for safe and fun weekend race events featuring paddock camaraderie and good track time in a single class style format.

RCFFS is not a points or purse paying series, but is fun, passionate racing to the checkered flag repeated at least three times on most weekends. This lack of points gathering and score keeping negates the need to try to offer any real or perceived “level playing field” however it certainly doesn’t mean the races are any less hard fought.

We offer good single class track time for fun and safe racing at great race tracks with significant heritage. Learn More at

F1600 Car at Barber Motorsports Park

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