USF1 Endorsement

August 31, 2009

On behalf of the USF1 Team we would like to congratulate everyone involved in F2000 in the United States. One of our goals is to take American drivers back into Formula One, and then to produce the next American F1 World Champion – and it is because of series like F2000 that we feel confident that we can do this.

We love the concept of the F2000 car: it has a great 2-litre engine, wings, slicks and “real” suspension; and we love the road courses featured on the F2000 calendar. As such, F2000 gives young drivers a tangible opportunity to learn about track-craft, set-up and preparation without the higher costs and neutralizing affects of big-brand, hi-tech spec formulae. Joel Miller, Patrick Barrett and JR Hildebrand are just three of the stars of tomorrow that F2000 has helped to nurture; no doubt there will be many more.

The USF1 Team is therefore delighted to announce that it endorses the F2000 championship as one of its official “feeder” series. For too long the path to F1 for young American drivers has been clouded by a lack of respect for single-seater racing and for those talented drivers who lack the financial wherewithal to take the expensive route to the top. Jeremy Shaw’s Team USA has done – and will continue to do – a fantastic job of encouraging new talent; we look forward now to working with both Team USA and F2000 towards the new frontier.

Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor
USF1 Team

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