Use of Electric Cooling Fans for 2016

December 29, 2015

Resulting from competitor input, Formula Race Promotion will allow the use of electrically driven cooling fans in F1600 for the 2016 season. It is our intent to review the outcome of this rule change at both mid-season and end of the 2016 season to determine if the rule change requires modification or remain permanent in our F1600 Championship rule set. The use of this fan IS NOT MANDATORY. F1600 competitors may:

  • Use an electrically driven fan of no more than 6 inch blade diameter with a maximum of two fans per car and one fan per side pod
  • The fan must operate from 12 volt power as supplied by the car’s battery and engine driven alternator
  • The fan must be located fully within the cars side pod and located aft of the oil cooler.
  • A separate circuit must be run to power and operate the fan. This circuit cannot be electrically connected to either the Honda engine or chassis harness. The circuit must have a circuit protection device (i.e fuse) sized appropriately for the electrical draw of the fan(s).
  • A single switch mounted safely within reach of the driver may be used to turn the fan(s) on and off . If two fans are installed in the car the switch must operate both fans simultaneously
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