Trent Walko Takes on Full Season

May 29, 2015
No. 91 Trent Walko Spectrum/Zetec

Driver of the No. 91 Exclusive Autosport Spectrum/Zetec is Trent Walko. Walko had a podium finish last year at Pittsburgh and has been breaking the top ten repeatedly in the F2000 Championship Series this season. He is now ready to see what he can do again next weekend at VIR.

 Walko grew up around racing, his father, John, was a notable F2000 engineer, and as one might guess, played a big part in Walko’s interest in motorsports. 

Walko also plans to follow in his fathers footsteps in an academic sense as he just recently graduated from high school, and will soon start to pursue a degree in engineering.

“With my dad's background in motorsports, particularly junior formula series like F2000 and Star Mazda, I was very often around many cars, drivers, and tracks in my younger years. This combined with getting a go-kart at the age of four is what really created the spark for the metaphorical fire that has engulfed me today,” said Walko. “Having worked with dozens of young drivers, my dad has always informed me of certain traits that were a characteristic of the better drivers and I have strived to model myself after them,” he continued.

Although behind the wheel of a Spectrum this year, Walko has been previously seen in an RFR for a few races during the 2014 season. Now in the midst of a full season in the F2000 Series, Walko has been faced with the challenge of making the transition between the two cars. 

“The first thing that I think of the switch to the Spectrum as is an opportunity. With the RFR, there were years of work and testing put in by my dad, the Livengoods, Bruce Work, myself and others to get the car to the point of being as competitive as it was by the time that I raced last year” said Walko on the development of his previous car. 

“With the Spectrum, I am still getting used to some of the quirks of the car and I am simply not quite to the point of being comfortable pushing it to the limit as I was with the RFR. That said, in my limited time driving the Spectrum, there are a lot of promising aspects and I think that with a some more time and setup work, we can start to maximize the car's potential,” he continued about the switch. 

Walko will be at the VIR next week to compete in rounds five and six of the F2000 Championship Series. 

“I think that with myself getting more comfortable with the car and the guys at Exclusive Autosport, a podium finish could be within reach,” he finished. 

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