The Exclusive on Exclusive Autosport

January 23, 2015
No. 93 Spectrum car of Thomas McGregor

Exclusive Autosport competes in F1600 Formula F Championship as well as the F2000 Championship Series and faced with the hardships that can come with a debut season, they were still able to win races in both series; and plan to do the same in the upcoming season. 

Founded just two years ago by Michael Duncalfe, the president and CEO of Exclusive Management, has shown just how successful a team can be in a very short amount of time. “Well there are many but I think our overall pedigree is one of our biggest calling cards,” said Duncalfe, when asked about Exclusive’s strong points.

Over the past two seasons Exclusive has put together an impressive list of achievements. They have accrued 41 wins, 86 podiums, 27 pole positions, and five track records. Victories in F1600 are not the only things that Exclusive has to celebrate. While competing in F1600 Formula F Championship Series, Exclusive also ran a full season in F2000 Championship Series; and developed a new chassis with Spectrum, all in their inaugural season for both series. 

Exclusive is also the factory Spectrum team in North America, and is thankful for what that has allowed them to accomplish. 

“Notably we’re also the North America Spectrum factory team. This gives us a huge edge in terms of our understanding of our product as we have a close relationship with Spectrum.”  

The new car faired well for Exclusive when team driver Thomas McGregor was able to take the win at Virginia International Raceway in June, and continue to stay competitive all season. Exclusive also walked away with a win with Jack Mitchell Jr. behind the wheel at Pittsburg in F1600. 

Competing in both F1600 Formula F Championship Series and F2000 Championship Series simultaneously came with its own set of problems. 

“Undoubtedly splitting our team and our resources was a significant challenge.  We have an amazing crew who worked exceptionally hard to ensure that the split weekends went smoothly.  We also enjoyed incredible factory support for the weekends where we simply couldn’t be in two places at once,” said Duncalfe. 

Exclusive also left some advice to young drivers. “As hard as it may be, I believe they need to exercise patience.  They need to follow a development plan.  There is a progression, a natural ladder in open-wheel racing,” said Duncalfe. “Although difficult to agree with for a young driver I’m sure, yet these words resonate, and come from a man with experience in how to manage a race team.

“We’ve won multiple F1600 titles in just two season of operation (in Canada). It’s important to note that we’re owned by Exclusive Management. The company has enjoyed additional success in the motorsport industry having worked with drivers in developing their careers and enabling them to move up the ladder.” 

When looking back at 2014 Duncalfe adds that he was “pleased with our performance but I certainly wouldn’t say satisfied!” Which leaves Exclusive hungry for success in the upcoming season, and with two years of reinforcement, Exclusive Autosport leaves no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with. 


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