Spencer Brockman and his F2000 Debut

April 22, 2015
No. 11 Spencer Brockman

The No. 11 K-Hill Motorsports driver and Connecticut native Spencer Brockman had an explosive start to the F2000 Championship Series 2015 season at the season opener in Road Atlanta. Brockman capped off a top ten during race one at Road Atlanta with a ninth place finish and then took seventh in race two. His two top ten finishes seats him in eighth in the overall standings.

“I'm really excited for the 2015 season and I am confident that we can have a podium result in the championship. I love working with the K-Hill Motorsports team and think that we work great together,” said Brockman. 

Like many before him; Brockman got his start on the dirt, and then moved up to karts. 

“I got into motorsports at the age of nine at a small dirt oval track. My dad wanted me to learn car control so I did two years on that before moving to a paved road course,” said the fifteen year old.  

Brockman’s dad played a vital role in getting him to where he is today and is the person who motivates Brockman as a driver. 

“I look up to my father and hope to do as well as him as a racecar driver. I think my motivation comes mostly from my dad,” he continued. “When I do well it makes him so happy and that makes me happy. I am always motivated to do well and succeed so no matter what I always push to do better.”

Brockman was also at the non-points preseason race in PBIR, where he was anxious to show that he could do on the track. 

“I think the start of my formula car racing career has been an all time high for me, the first non points pro race in PBIR showed that I could run at the front of the pack, I was happy with a fourth place result and can't wait to start the official season. Also placing first in the SCCA Majors race at Road Atlanta was a great accomplishment,” said Brockman. 

Where does Spencer Brockman want to take his career? To the top; and as the season unfolds, opportunity will continue to present itself for the 

“Every driver sees himself at the top of motorsports whether they want to be in NASCAR or Formula 1, they all want to make it big, in five years I would like to see myself in Formula 1 or IndyCar. Anybody who plays a sport wants to make it to the top and that's what I want to do. The only way I am going to get there is working hard and that is what I'm going to do.”

Spencer Brockman continues his season at Watkins Glen May 15-17, where he will be driving the No. 11 Van Diemen/Zetec for K-Hill Motorsports. 

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