Season in Review: Dave Weitzenhof

December 1, 2015
Dave Weitzenhof

We sit down with multiple-time SCCA National Champion Dave Weitzenhof, who has made a home racing in F2000 for the last decade or so. Coming to the track with a small set-up, the 73-year-old was a fixture in the top 10 all season long, and made multiple trips to the Masters Class podium.

 {nomultithumb}What was your highlight of the season and why?

Dave: Finally getting the shocks working the way we need at NJMP and PittRace (last 2 weekends) and being able to trust the car – it’s been a 2+ year struggle.

What was the most challenging weekend of the season for you and why?

VIR when the shocks were awful and I could not trust the car over any of the off-camber turns.

Best pass of the year?

Would have been passing Chris Gumprecht on the outside going into the keyhole at M-O, if Chris hadn’t stuck his wheel in there and caused me to drive over his LF with my RR resulting in a DNF. Otherwise, I can’t remember any in particular.

You’ve raced a variety of cars, what are the selling points of the F2000 car for you?

Great competition in the F2K series, plus the adjustability and speed of the F2000. Also, I have been able to remain competitive with the same car since 1994, even though I just turned 73.

What do you eat for breakfast on a race weekend?

Whatever is available at the motel breakfast room that is not too filling or sugary. Usually OJ, coffee, yogurt, eggs, cereal, etc.

Any hints on 2016? Will you be back?

We will definitely be back – now that we’ve gotten the shocks under control, I can push myself to get faster. The goal is top five finishes.

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