Rice Race Prep Announces Expansion

August 22, 2016

As Steve Bamford and the Rice Race Prep chase their first F2000 Championship, the team is hard at work preparing for the 2017 Formula Race Promotions season.

“I believe that the F1600 and F2000 Series are clearly the best value in  the North American small formula car market. The quality and quantity of tracktime, combined with outstanding tracks, should make it the clear choice for young aspiring racers, their sponsors, and their families. Established club racers,  can join the youngsters, and have a racing experience that cannot be matched by any of the alternatives” reports team owner Greg Rice. ” The Series are run by racers for racers, without FIA nonsense, other non-racing distractions, or overpriced exclusively provided  parts, as found in other similar series.”

Rice Race Prep will expand and run as many F1600 and F2000 drivers as will commit to full seasons. The team provides complete service to customers who own race cars. They can help find cars for customers and under some circumstances, provide cars. If Rice cannot accommodate potential customers, they will direct you to other teams that can. “There are atleast a dozen other teams who provide similar services to ours, so we encourage people to talk around, and find the best match for their needs. The main thing is that we get people out participating in F1600 and F2000”.

With 8 wins in 10 races, Steve Bamford needs 22 points over two races to lock down the F2000 championship for 2016. It would be Steve’s first championship and the team’s first Professional Championship in the current form. Having won  F1600 Series races in each of the two previous seasons, he is still searching for his first overall win. Steve, and teammate Joel Haas have been racking up podiums and points in the Masters championship for drivers over 40.

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