RECOGNIZE US – A Formula Race Promotions Exclusive - Part #1

February 18, 2021

“Why FRP?”

Flying under the radar of the national level motorsports programs throughout North America, Formula Race Promotions (FRP) has put together a four-part program about ‘Why Race with FRP’ and ‘Recognize Us’. Often overseen by North American motorsports media and forced to promote from within to attract teams and drivers, the new four-part series will provide some extra information on why the FRP should be the first part of the motorsports ladder for drivers looking to make auto racing a career.

Why FRP? Formula Race Promotions is an actual first step. Providing a cost-effective program with their F1600 Championship Series option, the non-wing class provides the true step from karts to cars. With a bigger vehicle while maintaining the same cost per race compared to a national level karter, drivers have the opportunity to compete in a competitive and safe environment. Throw in how affordable these F1600 machines are and how much less they cost to repair in an incident than a winged car, you have a winning combination.

Looking for green flag laps and close racing? Look no further than this true entry level class. Often having complete races run without a caution, drivers are able to gain the experience they need to move up the motorsports ladder. FRP’s F1600 series is a great way to learn true race craft, so often missed and so important before going to more advanced race cars.

“FRP is often able to run complete race weekends nearly caution free allowing all competitors to ‘race’ rather than circulate keeping the dollar per lap at a minimum.” explained FRP’s Robert Wright.

Where do the future champions in motorsports come from? You can argue that all programs produce future champions, but in many cases, Formula Race Promotions drivers enter the professional world of motorsports more prepared than others. Names such as Santino Ferrucci, Connor Daly, Jordan Taylor, Anders Krohn and Kyle Marcelli have progressed through the FRP program with huge success both on and off the track since graduating. Most recently, Simon Sikes has graduated from his Rice Race Prep ride and 2020 F1600 Championship winning performance to the entry level of open wheel racing in the Road to Indy. Was FRP a contributor to his success, 100%. Are we the first rung of the ladder to climb to the top, that is for you to think about but Conor Daly has proven it and Simon Sikes could be next.

Continuing on with Sikes, did you know that he was the recipient of the 2020 SCCA Jim Fitzgerald Rookie of the Year Award? This award is given to the driver who shows the greatest promise in his or her first season of national competition. Flying under the radar as a series, this award was also flown under the radar but both Simon and FRP deserve the respect and attention for such success.

Wright added, “I think we are often overshadowed by other ‘National’ level series, but we are sanctioned by the SCCA, we compete at many of the same premiere facilities and we do it in a very cost-effective manner. We have our own internal series ladder for the club racer or gentleman driver, but we also encourage drivers that look to make a career in motorsports to move on and up. We support them and wish them nothing but the best, but we also know where they came from and where they trained, learned and gained some of motorsports most valuable skills, FRP.”

Stay tuned for next week’s part two of ‘Recognize Us’

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