Raceworks Set for Leading 2018 Campaign

March 20, 2018

Salem, NH – Raceworks has announced it will campaign a pair of Spectrum/Hondas in the 2018 F1600 Championship Series season with Sam Lockwood teaming with Ryan Bjerke.

“We partnered up in April last year, and it was a combination that worked very well for the both of us,” said Lockwood. “For one thing, his driving style and our setup seem to work very well together.”

Success came at Mid-Ohio last July, where Bjerke took a career and team best fourth place finish in the second race of the weekend.

The goals? Lockwood has his eye on the Masters Class Championship for the Georgia-based team, while the younger Bjerke hopes to take the overall F1600 title.

“Every year I do a spreadsheet of the events I've gone to, and I divide the number of on-track hours by the total cost. Every year it keeps coming back to the F1600 Series having the best dollar per hour value out of what's available,” Lockwood added.

With the F1600 Championship Series starting at Road Atlanta, April 21-22, and then continuing for six more triple-header weekends that make up a 21-race schedule, Lockwood has a lot of track time to look forward to.

“Then you've got the competition level. I've been participating in the F1600 Championship Series since its inception in 2011 and the one thing that's always impressed me about it is that I've rarely seen a boring race,” he continued. “You've got some of the best race teams in North America here, giving 100 percent every weekend. The first race I drove in F1600 I drove the hardest I have ever drove at that point just to finish dead last and I had a great time doing it.”

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