Race Two Goes to Grant!

August 5, 2019

Keith Grant won race two at PIRC completeing the weekend sweep!

Keith Grant, on pole, will be looking to make this race easier on himself. Yesterday, he was required to come through the field and eventually close a six second gap the Dario Cangialosi before taking the win. For Cangialosi, he too will be hoping things go differently, that means keeping pace with Grant and getting into the top spot again.

The green flag flies and the drivers rage into turn one. It’s an absolute beauty of a start too, the first three rows all go cleanly side by side through turn one. Grant narrowly took the lead from Cangialosi. Flinn Lazier followed in third, Lee Alexander in fourth, and Rich Zober in fifth.

Two laps down, Grant leads, but Cangialosi isn’t letting him get away. They run virtually the exact same lap times. Lazier has fallen some two seconds back. Alexander, in fourth, is another two seconds behind Lazier.

With fourteen laps left to circulate, Grant now is starting to stretch his lead a bit, he’s got one full second in hand over Cangialosi. As Grant finds a little bit more, the gap starts growing a bit more steadily. It’s still small, but Cangialosi just doesn’t seem to be able to match Grant. Lap traffic is slowly coming into the picture though, depending on how each driver can manage passage, it may bring Cangialosi back into the race for the lead.

As the leaders work their way through lap traffic, it goes better for Grant than it does Cangialosi. Grant’s lead grows, as does Cangialosi’s lead over second place. With two laps remaining, Alexander breaks. He’s out of the race. That moves Zober up to fourth, and Bob Corliss inherits the fifth spot.

To the checkered flag the top five spots or solidified. Grant wins for the second time this weekend, Cangialosi follows in second, Lazier is third, Alexander fourth, and Rich Zober is fifth. Zober also wins the master’s category.

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