Questions with WISKO’s Nikita Lastochkin

March 29, 2014
Nikita Lastochkin

1. Looking back on 2013, what was the highlight?

This year I have had a couple of wins where I actually had to start from the very back. Both of those races were very special in that it was really challenging to get through the field and catch up with the leaders and pass them. Those wins felt really special.

2. For 2014, what’s the goal?

My main goal for this year is personal improvement. A lot of situations can develop over the course of the season, but as long as I keep constantly developing myself as a driver I will be satisfied. The team that I will be driving for had a competitive car last year, we would have to see how it will go against the other entrants once the season gets underway this year.

3. Looking at the 2014 F160 0schedule, what are your highlights? Will any tracks be new?

Most of the tracks will be new to me, I had visited Atlanta and VIR once but that's about it. I think it will just add more value to the educational process where I will have to learn to adapt quickly to tracks I have never been on before. It should be very interesting.

4. Who do you see as your competition?

The year has not really started yet, so I'll have to wait on this one. Generally speaking there are few drivers who ran full season last year, so I am looking forward to seeing how I will go against them.

5. You are also running in the West Coast F1600 Series in a Mygale/Honda, how is that going?

I have had just one race in California in January, and it was a very exciting one. The track in Fontana was really fun and I ran the same type of chassis as I will later on the East coast so that was a benefit. It was actually a really good weekend for me, I was leading first race until I had to retire due to electronic failure but was able to come back strong the next day and win the second round. There is no more races here until the end of April, but I am very excited about running F1600 on both sides of the country.

6. You’re from Russia, are you commuting to the races or do you live here?

Yes, I am originally from Russia but I currently live in Los Angeles. I have to fly for most of the races around the country, so there's still quite a lot of traveling involved.

7. What’s your educational background?

I have graduated from Cal State Northridge University last year with a bachelor degree in Business Management & Finance.

8. Any hobbies besides race cars?

As for my hobbies, I like snowboarding, hiking and traveling to national parks around the country.

9. What should we ask the next driver we talk to?

What would be your next step after F1600?

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