Portante Joins K-Hill Motorsports for 2016 F1600 Campaign

April 1, 2016

Peter Portante is aligning himself with SCCA powerhouse K-Hill motorsports to take on the competition in the F1600 Championship Series for 2016. This 20-year-old American driver, that resides in Plainville, Connecticut, is ready for his first competition at Road Atlanta, April 7-10.

This will be Portante’s first ever season in a F1600 race car, however don’t count Portante out. He is definitely no stranger to various categories of racing. His racing resume includes championships in both open and closed wheel racing and both road courses and oval circuits over many years.

Both the team and Peter enjoyed a very successful test at VIR last week to prepare for the racing season. And with everyone on the team focused on the same goal, K-Hill Motorsports is only adding to its force with a team of three drivers to take on all the competition in the field this year.

“I once may or may not have tried to steal one of Kaiser’s Atlantic cars, so ever since then I thought it would probably be a good idea to hop in one of Kaiser’s cars without committing a crime”, said Peter Portante. “I have really been putting in a lot of time on Call of Duty to prepare myself for the warfare that is F1600 racing, but for some reason I don’t think it will transfer well.”

“We have tested Peter several times and he has a great pace. We expect good things for Peter and look to him to be a great leader for the F1600 team,” Kris Kaiser stated, “He will be an asset to the K-Hill team.”

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