Portante First at Indianapolis

June 11, 2017

Speedway. IN - Peter Portante took the checkered flag first in the Atlantic Championship Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday evening, completing a flag-to-flag drive from pole position for K-Hill Motorsports. It's Portante's fourth win in a row, and he finished ahead of Keith Grant and David Grant from Polestar, who completed the podium at Indy. Dudley Fleck won the Masters Class for K-Hill.


Podium Finishers Recap:

Peter Portante:

"It's not a bad feeling to win here. It's quite a good result. I was praying for a boring race and David challenged me on the start. I was in the right place at the right time on the restart. I was only there because I was in a good car, and that's because of the K-Hill boys. Hopefully we can do it again tomorrow."

David Grant:

"We had an Atlantic car that was slow between Peter and I on the restart. Peter did what he should have and he took off. Unfortunately the rest of the crowd got screwed. We were all stuck behind him."

Dudley Fleck:

"Anytime you can come to Indy it's a special day. To win something here for me is a milestone and a bucket list item. We overcame a bad shock yesterday and the car is really starting to handle well now."

Full results are available on www.F1600Series.com, www.F2000Series.com and www.AtlanticChampionshipSeries.com.

The weekend from Indianapolis Motor Speedway continues on Sunday with afternoon races for the F1600 Series, F2000 Series and Atlantic Series.

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