Parker Chase Talks 2015

February 19, 2015
No. 26 Parker Chase Chastain Motorsports

The Texas bred teenager Parker Chase took some time to talk about his debut in the F1600 Formula F Championship Series and how he plans to get behind the wheel of Chastain Motorsports Mygale/Honda. Chase talked about what he has done, where he wants to go, and makes it a point to give thanks to those who have helped him along the way.

 Chase already has a couple accomplishments under his belt, including his running in the Rotax Grand Final Invitational in 2013 as well as his winnings in the Texas Prokart Challenge. 

“I am most proud of securing a ticket to the Rotax Grand Final Invitational in 2013.  Also, I am very proud of my back-to-back championships in the Texas Prokart Challenge,” said Chase. 

Chase had no problem talking about what attracted him to the F1600 Formula F Championship Series.

“Well, I always wanted my racing career to include a lot of open wheel driving.  I think that drivers who learn their skills through open wheel racing tend to have the most flexibility in their careers.  Coming out of karting, I wanted to find a car and a series that would give me the opportunity to develop my driving skills. I think that the F1600 car and the F1600 series is the perfect starting point for my car career.”

Chase is ready to learn, as he humbly comments on his expectations of 2015. 

“To be honest, I just want to do well in the series.  I think that the 2015 season will be a learning season.  With the help of my driving coach and manager Jay Howard, I think that I can get up to speed quickly.”

Chase is part of Jay Howards Motorsports Academy. Jay Howard has run IndyCar races in the past and plans to race in the Indy 500 this year.

Chase also understands that when first coming to a series, there will be challenges that will have to be overcome; and the bottom line for Chase was that “it will simply take seat time and more seat time.”

Chase describes this upcoming season as a transition period; and was asked to comment on what the keys to this transition were.

“I think that one major key to making the transition is to not stop karting altogether.  I think racing is important, whatever you are racing.  So this year I will be in the car at every opportunity.  But when I’m not in the car, I will be back in my kart staying fit.”

Chase will be seen at pre season race in Palm Beach, and added:, “I want to take advantage of every opportunity I can prepare for the first race.” 

Chase said that he wanted to thank all those who have helped him; at the top of that list was his dad. “He has dragged me from track to track all over the US for years now,” said Chase. He continued to then thank his entire family for all of their support. 

With an ambitious attitude, a sense of humility, and huge amount of support Chase looks forward to show what he can do in 2015. 

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