On and Off the Track with Robert Megennis

January 27, 2015
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After securing a spot on Team Pelfrey in a Mygale/Honda, former kart champion Rob Megennis is gearing up for the season ahead. Megennis talked about his expectations, why he is here, and gives a list of some hobbies that are definitely worth mentioning.

 After dominating in the points with more than a seventy-point lead, Megennis walked away with the title from the Northeast Rotax Championship in 2014. 

Hailing from New York City, and early in his teenage years, Megennis had a less than common answer about his education. 

“I don’t actually go to school. School is a mixture of tutors, classes for homeschoolers in museums around the city and online courses.” 

Megennis has high hopes for the 2015 season when asked what his goals were.

“I have to say to win the series.  I’m just working as hard as I can to elevate my concentration and fitness levels and to absorb as much as I can from my driver coaches and crew.”  

Megennis also talked about what attracted him to the F1600 Formula F Championship and looks at it as a valuable experience and a learning environment that is hard to replace.

“With this being my first year in a car, we wanted to maximize the learning experience.  Cars without down force where I can really feel the set-up and the incredible seat time and experience I will get from 21 races made it an easy decision.”

Being his debut year, the challenges that faced him are somewhat unknown, and hard to judge for a new driver. With that being said Megennis still had a basic philosophy. 

“Being an F1600-rookie and also a car-rookie that is a tough question to answer.  I guess hard work and I know I am going to have to learn fast.”

Megennis looks to those who have done all of this before to get some insight on his jump from karting to cars. 

“If you read F1 driver interviews, they say the jump from karts to cars was the hardest step to take.  Max Verstappen said it again recently.  I think I have the right series and team to do it.  But the speed, gears and drafting all require lots of seat time.”

When Megennis is off the track he is also excelling.  From sabre fencing to being an apprentice blacksmith, Megennis is sure to impress in whatever he decides to take on. 

“I’m a pretty serious sabre fencer.  I’m ranked near the top of the national youth rankings in the USA, but my dad is English so the goal is to fence for GBR at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  I’m also an apprentice blacksmith at a forge in Brooklyn,” said Megennis.

Megennis says that he will “absolutely” be at the test weekend in Palm Beach and said that he wants “every second in a seat he can get.”  

Rob Megennis has a lot of ambition, and showcases that on and off the track, making it interesting to see what he has in store for 2015. 

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