Note from the Technical Inspection Team

April 4, 2014
  1. The Technical Inspection Team will be conducting annual Technical Inspection’s throughout the day on Thursday. This includes inspection of safety related and Series required items on the car and drivers equipment. The Tech Team will conduct the inspections in the paddock visiting each team’s paddock space.

  2. Throughout the weekend we will be paying particular attention to compliance with GCR 9.4.5.A Roll Cages for Formula and Sports Racers. This paragraph of the GCR states “ The main hoop shall not be less than 2 inches above the drivers helmet, seated normally and restrained by seat belt/shoulder harness. A straight line drawn from the top of the main hoop to the top of the front hoop shall pass over the driver’s helmet.” This is an important safety concern.

  3. The Official Series Scales will be open on Thursday from 9:30-4:00 and again Friday from 9:00- 4:00.

  4. F2000 and F1600 competitors please remember to register the serial numbers of your declared 6 tires at the Series Rig before 5:00PM on Friday. 
  5. We would like to remind teams that should your car be directed to Impound, it is the teams responsibility to bring the tools and equipment necessary to provide fuel samples, remove bodywork, and remove any other component the Technical Inspection Team requests to scrutinize.
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