Note from the Technical and Safety Inspection Team

March 11, 2015

The 2015 Pro Series Technical Inspection Team includes Mike Fultz, Joe Griffin, and Steve Oseth.  The three of us will be working together, and teams can expect to see each of us involved in Tech activities in all three Championship Series. We are expecting each weekend we will have assistants to help facilitate impound activities. If you have any questions about Tech related activities, please feel free to reach out to Mike, Joe, or Steve through the Series phone number or email.

Our first priority is safety on and off the track while our second priority is equal and consistent enforcement of Competition Rules and Specifications.   We will have a particular focus on car and driver safety related issues. We encourage all teams to review relevant paragraphs in the SCCA GCR Section 9.3. In particular we would like to call attention to section 9.3.19 Drivers Restraint System;  9.3.20.B/C Drivers Safety Equipment; and 9.3.25.A On Board Fire System.  While we will be scrutinizing all safety related rules, these particular safety related requirements are mandatory for the driver’s safety. Please make sure your restraint systems are current and fire bottles are charged before the first event in Atlanta. We are also requesting that each team review its own safety practices while in the paddock and on pit lane. We recommend each team has a 10 Pound UL60BC or ABC rated fire extinguisher available in their paddock and pit area.  Please remember each team is expected monitor the Pro Series radio frequency 461.925 throughout the weekend. This will be the source for important announcement such as schedule changes.  

Equal and consistent enforcement of Technical Rules and Specifications is critical to ensuring a fair and balanced racing environment for all competitors.  It is our aim to measure and monitor rules compliance in such a manner as to minimize the disruption to an already busy weekend. Throughout the season you will see the Technical Inspection Team conducting ongoing technical inspections in the paddock area and in post-race impound. We encourage all teams to review and insure their cars meet the 2015 Series RULES and the 2015 Series Technical Specifications. In particular we would like to point out the following:

GULF will be the official fuel for the FA Pro Series. Team’s will be notified by the Series concerning specific ordering procedures

F2000 Zetec Engine specifications have been modified for 2015 and have differences from the January 2015 edition of SCCA GCR. Engine builders are aware and in agreement with these specification changes

F2000 cars must be able to turn the master switch “off” and back to “on” while on the grid without the removal of fasteners or body components

F1600 Minimum weight has been raised to 1110 pounds (with driver) to compensate for the additional 10 pounds the new spec radial tires weighs over the previous spec tire

All cars must be capable of being lifted using a roll bar mounted tow bar, or a strap must be able to be wrapped around the top of the main roll bar without removing fasteners or bodywork to expedite removal of the car from the track, if needed

All cars are strongly encouraged to have a forward-facing video camera which shows, at a minimum both front wheels of the car and the drivers hands. It is suggested that the camera be operated during all on-track sessions for your group. The Series may request the camera’s removable memory chip to be made available to Series Officials for review. Series Officials will return the chip to the team when no longer needed.

Mike Fultz      Joe Griffin       Steve Oseth

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