Newey Takes Maiden Win as Dixon Falters

June 30, 2019

Brandon Newey took a dominating win over Andrew Dobbie as troubles hit for championship leader Brandon Dixon. 

Off the line Dixon and Newey went two wide into turn four. It was Newey getting the better of Dixon. The wide line through turn four provided the inside for turn five, Newey took the lead. Dobbie advanced to third, Jenks in fourth, and Voigt in fifth.

Dixon however would disappear at The Keyhole. That left Newey a large lead, Dobbie chasing but a second or more removed. Jenks followed closely in third. Voigt in fourth, and Everard now in fifth.

For second place, Dobbie, the chase was on. He immediately responded to the clear air in front and started to close the gap. Behind, Jenks and Voigt sparred while Everard watched intently. LaRue hung close off their wings, but there was perhaps a hint of rasp from his Zetec engine.

At the front the gap stayed solidly at one second even. It appeared as though Jenks would start making inroads on the leaders, but the gap started stretching ever so slightly. At this juncture, fourteen laps remain.

With some cloud cover and a decent breeze the air is much lighter. The top seven drivers all run their personal bests, Dobbie closing the gap to eight tenths of a second to Newey. Jenks, Voigt, and Everard fill out the top five. LaRue it appears is coming alive, he’s now run the fastest lap of the race and is starting to close on fifth place ahead.

At the halfway mark, Newey and Dobbie run their personal bests, the gap stays right at eight tenths of a second. Jenks in third is nearly matching them, but the gap is almost three full seconds.

With eight laps to go, Newey has found some pace that Dobbie hasn’t. The lead is stretched to over a second. Jenks still in third, he’s just a half second ahead of Harry Voigt, and Reece Everard continues to stalk less than a second behind.

Times continue to fall, the top four all run their personal bests, Harry Voigt now the fastest car on track. Jenks directly ahead is nearly matching him lap for lap, for Jenks, making forward progress is going to be a struggle. Only five laps remain, time is running out.

Newey continues to lead Dobbie, the lead still a tad over a second, Newey looks comfortable out front. A little over a second back from Dobbie sits Jenks. He has run his personal best and the fastest lap of the race, but the gap to second might be too far.

With two laps left to circulate little has changed. First through fifth are contained by five seconds, but none are close enough to make any moves. They are just close enough to feel urgency, but not close enough to strike. At the checker flag, Newey takes the win, Dobbie in second, Jenks in third, Voigt in fourth, and Everard in fifth. The ailing LaRue was relegated down the order. Jenks took the Master’s win, LaRue second, and Dole third.

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