New Pittsburgh Track Awaits for 2015

March 5, 2015
Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Making up two of the seven stops on the expanded 2015 season for Atlantic, F2000 and F1600 is the newly renovated Pittsburgh International Race Complex. The complex is looking forward to the three summer days in July and August, as well as capping off the 2015 season in October, when all three series will be laying down rubber. With the addition of the 1.2-mile “South” track this expands the facility into a 2.8-mile road course, which will be great for open wheel cars.

 The F1600 Formula F Championship Series as well as the F2000 Championship series both ran on the North Track at Pittsburgh during the 2014 season, which was a short road course.

Dominic Cincotta, who is the marketing manager for the North American Road Racing Association, which manages the racetrack, had some exciting words on this new addition.

“For 2015, our largest facility improvement is the addition of our 1.2 mile South Track. This addition will increase our total facility to 2.8 miles and a formidable natural terrain track. Within the south track there is an 85 ft. vertical drop followed by an immediate 85 ft. gain with a horseshoe at the low point. It’s going to be a thrill to race. The south track adds a number of signature features including some blind apexes as well as some technical S’s. Combined with the North Track we will now have a facility that will have some thing for horsepower fanatics to technical tacticians,” said Cincotta.

The new track is an awesome addition, and the expansion was no easy feat. Although hard to sum up a process concisely; Cincotta briefly explained how the final product came to be.

“The original design was done by Alan Wilson in the mid 2000. This is what we consider the North Track. Recently we have worked to develop and work the South track into that design with the best possible race flow. The process started with the land preparation. The rough centerline was marked on the terrain for evaluation. Once the rough layout was agreed upon we worked to develop and modify the design to maximize flow and rhythm. Then the excavation began which took most of 2014. The field engineers walked the course and late in the year the final changes were made and the final grading and stone were laid. We are currently installing fencing and guard rails. Paving will take place as soon as the weather breaks.”

Teams and driver can expect to see changes as soon as they enter the gates.

“The first things the racers will notice are a new entrance and gate to the track. Secondly, they will experience a highly engaged and motivated staff willing to help them have the best experience possible,” Cincotta continued.

“Finally, all racers will experience a new level or racing from Pitt Race. While the facility has traditionally lacked some technical aspects or truly signature features, we now offer the high-speed straights followed by adrenaline fueled elevation change and breaking zones. The addition of the South track will also provide a secondary paddock area, increasing parking and room for teams to function.”

Other upgrades included a newly painted water tower with the redesigned Pitt Race logo, and a staff selected for their hard work and excellent customer service.

“Our goal is to provide a high quality experience regardless of why you are here. We may not be the biggest in the industry, but we aim to provide among the most premium experiences,” said Cincotta.

The Pittsburgh International Race Complex is aiming to please, and with this new facility, the experience offered to teams and drivers as well as the fans is definitely going to be a great one. The F2000 Championship Series, the F1600 Formula F Championship Series, and the Atlantic Championship Series will all be there the weekend of July 31- August 2 and then again October 16 through the 18 for the season finale.


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