New Class Structure and Lower Entry Fees for F1600, F2000 and Atlantic

October 26, 2016
F1600 Action

Salem, NH – Formula Race Promotions (FRP) announced today an updated class structure for the 2017 F1600, F2000 and Atlantic Championship Series, while lowering entry fees and still providing three live hours of track time per class per Championship weekend.

“The mantra is to lower entry and registration fees, give lots of track time and a solid class structure with a decent prize package,” said Al Guibord, co-owner of Formula Race Promotions, now in its 13th season. “We want to lower the barriers to entry into our paddock and make season-long competition more appealing and lucrative.”

In F1600, all SCCA-legal Formula F cars will race under FRP rules. The entry fee has been lowered to $850 per event, with an overall Series registration of $950 to be eligible for Championship points. Entrants are allowed a one-weekend bye before a registration fee is due.

F2000 will have a similar setup, with the same lower entry fee of $850 and a Series registration of $950 for the season.

Both F1600 and F2000 will have a Masters subclass for drivers over 40. An updated prize package will feature cash and tire vouchers from Hoosier Racing Tire. The weekend prize money will be published in the coming weeks; and there will be a year-end cash prize purse, based on a formula taking into account the number of total entries at each Championship weekend.

The Atlantic Championship Series will be back with all SCCA-legal Formula Atlantic cars subject to FRP rules and will once again include a master’s classification for drivers over 50. The Atlantic Challenge will also return, but will be structured for other open-wheel cars to be determined later this year. Entry fees and series registration will be announced shortly.
Formula Race Promotions will announce its 2017 schedule shortly

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