Minor Cruises to Summit Point Victory

August 24, 2013
Minor led every lap from pole. (photo: Valet)

Summit Point, WV – Tim Minor, the 2013 F2000 Champion, started from pole and easily led every lap at his home track to take the win in the first of two Summit Point races for the F2000 Championship Series season finale weekend. Minor delivered another victory for his Ski Motorsports team in the No. 88 Citation as David Grant and Santino Ferrucci completed the podium ahead of WISKO Racing teammates Federico Mosconi and Kevin Kopp.

Minor commented: “It couldn’t be better, I have a lot of family here and now we’ve won at every track this year.” The veteran driver swept VIR and Road Atlanta to open the season, and took single victories at Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glen and Mid-Ohio. With thousands of laps around Summit Point, Minor will start from pole for Sunday’s F2000 season finale.

Grant started from third on the grid and was able to avoid a spinning Kyle Connery on a dramatic opening lap to advance one position to finish second in the No. 29 Van Diemen for Polestar Racing Group.

Ferrucci took yet another top five result with a third place drive at Summit Point. The HP-Tech driver noted he barely got any laps in the dry on Friday at the track, and basically saw the track for the first time during morning warm-up on Saturday.

Mosconi was able to get around teammate Kopp in the closing stages to bring the WISKO No. 99 home in fourth, while Kopp settled for fifth ahead of Roberto Lorena. Lorena ran fourth in the opening stages of the race but lost some pace as the 22-lap event unfolded.

Masters Class experts Rob Nicholas, Tom Fatur, Steve Bamford and Eric Presbrey completed the top ten.

Davy D’Addario notched CellMark Paper Hard Charger honors by finishing 14th after starting dead last. Dave Weitzenhof put in a similar drive, going from 26th to 15th during the race.

DNFs included Chris Livengood and Keith McCrone, while Jim Libecco had an engine let go and Jose Montiel retired with crash damage.

Connery made a move on the opening lap from the outside of the front row for the race lead, but could not make it stick. He fell to 26th at the end of lap one, worked his way to ninth, but retired with a lap to go to finish 20th. He will roll off the grid fourth on Sunday by virtue of setting the fourth fastest race lap.

The grid order for Sunday's race sees Minor and Grant on row one ahead of Ferrucci and Connery. Mosconi and Kopp line up on row three, and then it's Lorena and Nick Palacio with Nicholas and Bamford following.

The weekend continues with the season finale, round 14 of the 2013 F2000 Series, scheduled for a 11:45am local time green flag on Sunday at Summit Point.

Race Results

PosNo.NameLapsBest TmMake/ModelDiff 1 88 Tim Minor/M 22 1:11.184 Citation Zetec - 2 29 David Grant 22 1:11.466 Van Diemen Zetec +7.771 3 10 Santino Ferrucci 22 1:11.692 Van Diemen Zetec +13.742 4 99 Federico Mosconi 22 1:12.078 Van Diemen Zetec +26.344 5 22 Kevin Kopp 22 1:12.089 Van Diemen Zetec +27.574 6 9 Roberto Lorena 22 1:12.314 Van Diemen Zetec +30.728 7 89 Rob Nicholas/M 22 1:12.568 Van Diemen Zetec +38.368 8 70 Tom Fatur/M 22 1:12.783 Van Diemen Zetec +53.560 9 71 Steve Bamford/M 22 1:12.718 Van Diemen Zetec +59.796 10 35 Eric Presbrey/M 22 1:13.254 Van Diemen Zetec +1:01.213 11 51 Dan Denison/M 22 1:13.320 Van Diemen Zetec +1:01.762 12 00 Tim Dunn/M 22 1:13.516 Metrik Zetec +1:03.087 13 7 Brent Gilkes/M 22 1:13.701 Van Diemen Zetec +1:05.483 14 4 Davy D'Addario 21 1:13.106 RFR Zetec 1 Lap 15 67 Dave Weitzenhof/M 21 1:13.631 Citation Zetec +6.239 16 01 John McCusker 21 1:15.125 RFR Zetec +19.868 17 47 Chris Monteleone 21 1:15.889 Van Diemen Pinto +47.135 18 12 Bob Reid/M 20 1:18.482 RFR Zetec 2 Laps 19 26 Alain Matra/M 20 1:19.291 Van Diemen Zetec +48.054 20 91 Kyle Connery 19 1:11.946 Van Diemen Zetec 3 Laps 21 52 Dean Baker/M 15 1:12.867 Van Diemen Zetec 7 Laps 22 25 Nick Palacio 15 1:12.513 Van Diemen Zetec +1.832 23 90 Robert Wright/M 15 1:13.503 Radon Zetec +31.661 24 8 Jose Montiel 14 1:13.438 Van Dieman Zetec 8 Laps 25 16 Peter Gonzalez/M 14 1:16.026 Radon Zetec +33.350 26 98 Jim Libecco 11 1:13.595 Van Diemen Zetec 11 Laps DNF 37 Chris Livengood 3 1:15.195 RFR Zetec 19 Laps DNF 0 Keith McCrone/M 1 1:26.984 Metrik Zetec 21 Laps

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