Mandatory Requirement for Radio Scanners and Fire Extinguishers

March 11, 2016

Entrants please be aware per the Series Rule 7(m), all teams are required to have and monitor a radio that receives the Series radio frequency 461.925. This radio must be used during all on track sessions. Use of a radio or scanner allows teams to hear time critical and important messages. During the annual technical safety inspections, teams will be required to demonstrate they have working radio or scanner capable of receiving Series announcements. If your radio or scanner requires a DPL code, the DPL code used by the Series is 047.    

Formula Race Promotions now requires each team to have at a minimum a 5 lb fire extinguisher rated A, B, and C. It is suggested the fire extinguisher be mounted on your trailer side door, however it must be clearly visible to series officials at any time your paddock area is being used. For teams with multiple cars, it is suggested multiple fire extinguishers be present.  

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