Livengood Blog: Captain Planet Edition

August 23, 2011
Livengood - Captain Planet of the F2000 field?

A lot has happened since my last post. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m lazy, dumb, and focused on the wrong things. I’ll insult myself, thank you very much. Since my previous post, the space shuttle program has ended, booo! The stock market free fell like a cold air balloon, I’m told that’s bad news. The Radon drove laps causing all of the world's existing F2000 cars to slip into a giant abyss somewhere in the Baltic Sea (the end of the F2000 world as we know it undoubtedly). And finally, the world has continued to turn just as I have continued to turn laps and focus on my assault on the F2000 Championship Series.

Let’s discuss my Mosport experience shall we? First off, Mosport is a heady place. I just learned the meaning of ‘heady’ the other day so I had to throw it in here somewhere. But Mosport really does kick ass. The fans are awesome, they aren’t confused by the fact that our wheels don’t have fenders and that crazy wings are sticking out everywhere. The surrounding areas understand the importance of the racing and when you sit down at the local bar in the evening for a tall brew (preferably a heady brew, okay, I’ll stop using the word heady) you can chat the bar tender up and might even get a free one.

The track itself is a ballsy sort of rollercoaster lap where you get to internalize fear, awe, and often the breath that you forgot to take before turns 1, 2, 5b, and 10. Our weekend went decidedly great; I lead probably 80% of all the laps but finished second twice, I’ll take two podiums any day. We didn’t break any parts, and I got to see Remy in his Superman underwear on the podium (a dream I thought I’d never realize, and a dream I never had). All in all, I had an amazing weekend hammocking in the sun and chatting with young Canadian lads who asked intelligent and thought provoking questions about driving an F2000 CS car.Mosport ruled!

The #37 at Mosport, where Livengood brought home two podiums

Since Mosport the Work Racing and Jown Walko Racing crews have had some time to relax and get things in order for our upcoming events. Of course, we relax by working on our racecars. What does the mean? It means that we have worked on and will have improved my racing machine once again. I’m talking legitimate upgrades to significant parts of the car. As a result, I’m exited to get the car on track at Lime Rock. Additionally, I have seen a lap or two since our previous race weekends.

This of course has been good at keeping the cobwebs off the old driving muscles, especially since I’ve been lucky to drive a variety of cars. Combing these forces, I hope to be the Captain Planet of F2000 CS field, dominating the pollution that is my competition directly out of existence. That of course makes Bruce Work, John Walko, my father Dave, Sandy from Quicksilver (he has the power of heart in this analogy), and Primus Racing Parts the Planateers. And if there are no Planateers, there is no Captain Planet. So I must thank them for their constant support of my racing effort. Without out these people I’d be nothing.

The season thus far has been an absolute dream. Every time I hit the track the amount of serotonin released has been intoxicating and addicting. Because of this, I can’t wait to get back to the racing. This summer break we have had has gone on too long and I need to go racing. I’m from Pennsylvania and it snows here in the winter. Watching August slip by without having been wheel to wheel with another car since July has been downright painful. We have racecars, so let’s go racing already!

Until Lime Rock, Chris Livengood

P.S. If you’re behind the eight ball on awesomely corny cartoons, here is a link to the Captain Planet wikipidia entry

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