Legacy Continues Race Winning Form

August 13, 2015
Sam Beasley

Chardon, OH – A new team to the F2000 Championship Series with a new car in the Mygale F2000 and a returning driver in Sam Beasley have combined to steal the show thus far in 2015. Beasley has won at every race weekend event and has swept the last three with relative ease. While the talented young American is quick as ever, so is his new Mygale F2000 car.

“As I talked with Sam he thought the Mygale would make an excellent F2000 car,” recalled Ben Beasley, Sam’s father and principal behind the Legacy Autosport squad. “He had driven a Mygale F1600 a few times in 2011 and really liked it.”

After a strong 2014 in a Van Diemen with Polestar, the Beasley’s felt they had unfinished business.

“I talked to Geoff Bushor at Pelfry, and a few days later I got a call from Nigel Tuckey at Mygale North America. He had two used F1600 cars he was bringing over from Australia, and he also wanted to see something get started with a Mygale in F2000,” Beasley continued.

Legacy team

A partnership was formed to develop the Mygale SJ chassis into a F2000 car, along with Legacy Autosport with Tom Sedivy to help develop young drivers.

The cars only arrived in January, and it was a race for the team to be ready for Road Atlanta. Almost all the bodywork was re-designed to F2000 specifications.

“it was a major project, and we had many delays from a few suppliers. Early April it looked we might miss Road Atlanta, but with a lot of long hours, and parts showing up at the last minute, we missed our test day at Savanna, but made it to Road Atlanta, with a virgin car,” Beasley said. “As it turned out we had a few issues on Thursday, but our product was amazing right out of the box.”

The chassis is pretty much a stock F1600 frame with modifications to house the Zetec motor, along with custom F2000-spec bodywork. The front upper A-arms have been shortened to get the necessary camber for the F2000 Hoosier radial.

Legacy has also developed a complete engine conversion package and a complete bodywork aero conversion package.

With refinements happening every weekend, the team is now opening up the possibility of making a second car available for the final rounds of the season at New Jersey and Pittsburgh. A F1600 to F2000 conversion kit will also be available.

Beasley credits the Mygale chassis development with great mechanical grip which is complimented by his aero package.

“Sam really likes a car that will go right where you point it, and the Mygale does that, much better than the Van Diemen did,” added Beasley. “The Mygale has excellent mechanical grip, we’ve refined the aero, and it has great straight line speed, and obviously Sam does a great job and has a lot to do with the car’s success.”

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