Legacy Autosport Announces Three Car F2000 Team

January 1, 2015
Legacy Autosport Rendering

The newly formed Legacy Autosport will soon unveil a three-car team in the F2000  Championship Series. This comes as long-time racer, Tom Sedivy, is determined to pass on his racing legacy. Sedivy hopes to help young drivers obtain all that they need to be successful in racing and in life and to have the opportunity to start a legacy of their own.

Sedivy, a long time racer and businessman, has had an extensive career in motorsports as a driver as well as a team owner. His list of accomplishments include multiple victories in SCCA open wheel and sports car racing, heading up, and driving a privateer IMSA GTP lite car effort in the 90's, running Porsche Cup events around the world, as well as winning a Championship in the Boss Formula Car series driving an IndyCar. From 2006 to 2008 he stood as Competition Director for a Czech and Brazilian team at the A1 GP World Team Championship, and from 2010-2012 Sedivy was a part owner/Sporting Director of Genoa Racing, running LMPC in IMSA and in Le Mans series in Europe.
After all of his experience, Sedivy hopes to have the opportunity to assist young drivers in their racing careers and in the mean time give them some valuable tools, necessary to live up to their potential. Legacy Autosport has partnered with Ben Beasley, forming an alliance with Mygale North America and Team Pelfrey. The former is the North American Importer for Mygale racing cars and will provide technical support through Mygale North America, and the latter is the factory race team for Mygale F1600 cars in the United States and who will also be carrying all the parts inventory and be providing trackside support at every event on behalf of Mygale. Both Mygale and Pelfrey will provide engineering as well as technical support to help develop an F2000 car based on the successful Mygale SJ F1600 chassis.
Ben Beasley will be on the forefront of the daily operations of the team, and based off his experience, will only bring further success and enlightenment to Legacy Autosport. Beasley has a rather extensive legacy of his own, including four SCCA National Championships as a driver and five more as a mechanic or team owner. He also headed a national karting team from 2008 to 2012 and his drivers won more than thirty championship titles. With the experience, future goals and alliances formed, Legacy Autosport has become the Mygale F2000 factory supported effort in the US and the F2000 Championship Series.
Sedivy states, "This is the best possible scenario for younger and older drivers to get a tremendous amount of experience at a great value and in an incredible car with great support." Adding to this, "The F2000 championship series gives a huge amount of track time, usually two to three hours on track every race weekend, and is a very competitive series with large fields of cars."
Nigel Tuckey, director of operations at Pelfrey, said, "I am really excited about this project, including having an opportunity to work with Tom Sedivy and Ben Beasley, along with providing all the factory Mygale and Team Pelfrey support needed to put a winning product on the track."

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