Lazier Takes Win After Traffic Plagues the Leaders

May 12, 2019

Flinn Lazier chased down Cangialosi to take the win in a tough fought race one that saw K-Hill cars sweep the podium!

The skies the brightest they have been all day, the sun was streaming down on the racing surface at Watkins Glen International. Cangialosi starting on pole with Lazier at his side, the green waved, it was Cangialosi with the advantage off of turn one and into the bus stop. Dudley Fleck was able to get the draft and draw near but it wasn’t to be. By the end of lap one Cangialosi has pulled a three second lead, Flinn Lazier was breathing down the neck of Fleck. Shortly thereafter Fleck was by and into the second spot. Lee Alexander was in fourth, Rich Zober in fifth. Cangialosi now four seconds ahead.

Flinn Lazier, now running in clean air but with the rabbit of Cangialosi in sight, he set out to close the gap. He turned the wick up and within two laps, now fourteen remaining, the gap was reduced to 2.7 seconds. Lap traffic however would hinder Lazier’s progress while Cangialosi was catching lappers at more opportune times. Once again, the gap grew to four seconds.

The battle with lap traffic commenced, Cangialosi and Lazier loosing and gaining as each found different ways around the slower cars. With eleven laps left, the gap was under three seconds. Lazier runs the fastest lap of the race now, some six tenths better than Cangialosi. The race will be half completed the next time by.

Cangialosi catches a lapper coming off of turn ten. Lazier passes the lapper through the last turn. One second separates the two. Clean road ahead, for the first time in some time they can progress without being impeded. Lazier must have made a small error in toe of the boot, the gap has grown. At the cross of the line it is still under two seconds. Just eight laps remain.

At this juncture, Lazier’s pace still remains superior, his consistency however fails him. Cangialosi meanwhile strikes a new personal fast lap, the gap grows again.

Dudley Fleck continues to hold the third spot, Lee Alexander in fourth, and Rich Zober in fifth. Fleck the leading the master’s, the two the follow fill the master’s podium.

At the front, lap traffic again plays a role. Cangialosi the loser this time, the gap shrinks to .7 of a second, five laps remain. Down the back straight, surely a draft is helping Lazier now. The turbulent air ahead might hurt everywhere else.

Cangialosi slipped up! Through the bus stop Cangialosi made and error and it was the lurking Lazier who benefited. Cangialosi lost nearly three seconds and Lazier took the lead!

Fleck, Alexander, and Zober are now nose to tail. Three seconds separate them. With just three laps remaining, the duel is tight. Zober certainly looking hungry off the back Alexander, time is running out, and lap traffic is just ahead.

Two laps to go, Lazier now stretching the gap! More than two seconds separate them. Fleck, Alexander, and Zober comprise third through fifth. Zober still dogging Alexander.

At the line, the race ends with Lazier taking the win and Cangialosi second. Fleck wins master’s and is third overall, Alexander second in master’s, and Zober third in masters.

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