LaRue by Inches at Indianapolis

June 11, 2017

Speedway, IN - The F2000 Championship Series Saturday race at Indianapolis came down to the last lap. After a race long duel, John LaRue got a run on the front stretch and beat Matt McDonough to the checkered flag, crossing the bricks first by just .010 seconds in one of the best F2000 races to date. LaRue becomes the first multiple winner in the 2017 season, with McDonough second and Brandon Dixon in third. Steve Jenks was fourth and Tim Paul finished fifth.

Top Five Recap:

John LaRue:

"I didn't know if we'd have a shot or not, I thought we were handling better than Matt," said LaRue. "Out of turn one, I was able to close but didn't have a shot on the back stretch. We had a nice series of corners in seven, eight and nine. I had a nice run coming onto the short chute. I was able to tuck in behind him and pull the underneath pass. Matt was very professional. We went through two corners side-by-side, it was pretty fun."

Matt McDonough:

"It was a good race," added McDonough. "I spent my tires early on and was fighting that. The full course caution certainly didn't help. I am a little disappointed as our organization has been through difficulty in the last few weeks. We lost the founder and designer, Nathan Ulrich. All the guys are feeling it and I wanted to do it for them. Tomorrow is another day and we'll give it another try."

Brandon Dixon:

"I got a good jump at the start, and some other people didn't," noted Dixon. "I passed a few people but that is about all I had."

Steve Jenks:

"I spent time beside Dixon, I spent a lot of time beside Tim Paul, it was a fun race," Jenks said. "That start won't go down as one of my best ever."

Tim Paul:

"That was a draft fest. It was getting a good run on the straights and then playing with the car," Paul commented. "The car was under steering quite a bit so I was concentrating on getting really good exits for top speed, and that brought us through the field. We need to get the car to turn better tomorrow."

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The weekend from Indianapolis Motor Speedway continues on Sunday with afternoon races for the F1600 Series, F2000 Series and Atlantic Series.

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