Lall and Teixeira to Run for Momentum in 2015

March 13, 2015
No. 1 Quinlan Lall Momentum Motorsports

Momentum Motorsports has confirmed its F2000 Championship Series effort for the 2015 season with two drivers: Quinlan Lall and Jonathan Teixeira, who will both be driving Van Diemens. Momentum is confident about the driver talent that they are bringing to the table and that their two car push can put them in the running for the F2000 Championship title.

 Both drivers come from different backgrounds and have different stories that have led them to their upcoming season with Momentum.

Quinlan Lall comes from Guyanese descent; he was born in the USA, and was introduced to racing at an early age. Quinlan first met Momentum at Watkins Glen, and shortly after tested in Continental at Palm Beach in 2012; after that he got “a lot of seat time in FRCCA to build his resume for his rookie season in F2000,” said Phil Picard Sr., the owner of Momentum Motorsports.

Lall has recently shown his potential on the track with his stellar performance at Palm Beach. Lall dominated the weekend; he led in practice, qualified first and then continued to roll off that energy to end up with the win in the main event.

Jonathan Teixeira comes from a karting background; after buying an RFR chassis he then went to Momentum Motorsports. “The car had some electrical gremlins, we sorted out the car, but later made the decision that he quickly met the limits of the car,” said Picard Sr. Momentum then made the decision of not going further with the RFR chassis, which led them to putting Teixeira into the Van Diemen.

Momentum Motorsports is growing exponentially; after moving into a new shop in April of 2014 and outgrowing it within just a few months; they are already looking to double shop space in 2015.   

Phil Picard Sr. runs Momentum with the help from his son Phil Picard Jr., along with a talented staff of engineers, fabricators, designers, and racing aficionados.

“We are a growing team, at this point we are making tremendous progress, we are tracking the right people around our core group and developing a solid group of people around Momentum,” said Phil Picard Sr.

Lall and Teixeira will be running full F2000 seasons in two Van Diemen’s that have just been built from the ground up. “The Van Diemen’s are both brand new, new data systems, new billet uprights, new engines, gearboxes, they are built from the ground up,” said Picard Sr.

Momentum is expecting to ride that success they got in Palm Beach and is ready to do it all over again at Road Atlanta come April.

“We are expecting to do well this year; very well, Quinlan can make the bid for the championship; these two drivers will be battling each other, they are both really fast,” said Picard Sr.

Prior to the first race of the season in Atlanta, Momentum has rented Roebling Raceway for testing March 31-2 where they hope to really get the cars dialed in.

Momentum Motorsports will be at the debut race at Road Atlanta on April 9-12, and be on the lookout for Quinlan Lall in the No. 1 white and yellow car and Jonathan Teixeira in the No. 96 yellow and black car.

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