La Rocca: Two Wins at Sebring

February 17, 2011
La Rocca in action at Sebring

So, after receiving my Ralph Firman F2000 back in December, I have been dying to get behind the wheel and see what it is going to feel like. Well, finally, this past weekend, February 12-13, my team HP-Tech Motorsport and I finally got to try the car out in Sebring (for an SCCA Regional) . They did an amazing job to get the car ready for the race weekend, and thanks to that hard work, we had no issues with the car, and it ran great.

Our program for Friday practice was just to do a shakedown for the car since everything on the car was new. The shakedown was successful and we did not find any problems with the car. By Saturday, the car was ready to be pushed to the limit. We had a practice session and a qualifying session. We qualified second thanks to traffic and we were unable to get a clean lap. By the end of the day, we were very satisfied with the car since no problems came up.

On Sunday we had both races, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We went on to win both, but we were most happy with the times we set, especially for being the first time in the car.

Overall I was extremely happy with how the car behaved all weekend long. The more laps I got behind the wheel, the more I pushed it and the better it felt. We have a very good car to start with, and we will definitely improve on that. My team and I cannot wait to get back in the car and learn more about it. . I need to thank the guys on my team, Juan, Jorge, Robert, and Gonzo, without them, I would not have been able to accomplish this over the weekend.

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