Kopp Fields Privateer Effort for 2014

February 20, 2014
Kevin Kopp

Great Falls, VA - Kevin Kopp, who made his entrance into open wheel racing in the F2000 Championship Series in 2012, will be moving to a privateer effort for the 2014 season. Kopp is no stranger to the idea of a privateer team. Kevin has driven for his family team, Kopp Motorsports, for six years in karting, six years in Spec Miata, and under SCCA Pro in the Playboy MX-5 Cup. Kopp is looking forward to the 2014 F2000 Championship Series Season running a lean team under Kopp Motorsports.

Kevin will be the sole driver for the Kopp Motorsports privateer effort, and will be the team’s head technician and engineer. Kevin’s father, Ray, who has had an extremely large role in Kevin’s racing career, will remain Kevin’s crew chief and will return to his role as team principal of Kopp Motorsports.

The 2014 schedule will allow for Kopp to be able to run the entire F2000 season. Kopp will finish his degree in Mechanical Engineering between the first and second race weekends of the season, freeing up his time to maintain his car and run all remaining races of the season. Kopp commutes most weekends from school to the family garage. He spends his time at home preparing his car for the first race in April.

Due to Kopp’s engineering background, and his history as a professional mechanic and fabricator, he is drawn to stay with the F2000 Championship Series due to the series platform which allows for car development. “I'm happy that I can continue to compete in the F2000 series for a 3rd consecutive season.  The F2000 series provides an opportunity for me to improve on my driving skills, hands on technical ability, and conceptual understanding of the sport” said Kopp.

Kopp Motorsports has always worked on and engineered their own cars. Kevin and Ray built numerous go-karts over Kopp’s young karting career, and Kevin has built and maintained several Mazda Miatas during his club racing days. The father and son duo have created a strong work ethic for the team and know how to use each other’s strong suits to their best advantage.  Kevin and Ray have already spent a majority of the off season re-designing and re-building the #66 1998 Van Diemen. Kevin explained that, “Kopp Motorsports has always adopted a research-style of operation with our goal being knowledge oriented.  We have always and will continue to work towards a better understanding of the race driver vs. vehicle relationship that is so critical to securing the top step of the podium.”

Kevin and Ray are not the only members of the Kopp Motorsports team. It has always been a family effort with Linda, Kevin’s mother, heading up team support and uniforms. Kevin’s sister helps the team by running Kopp’s social media and PR effort. Kevin’s brother-in-law, also assists the Kopp Motorsport effort when he can, by being a main crew member.

Looking to the first race weekend of the season at Road Atlanta, Ray commented that “last season had its share of ups and downs, but the car has been completely refreshed and will sport some interesting chassis and aero changes, in addition to livery.” The family run team will be bringing back its former Mazda livery running a dark silver car with red accents.  Ray continued , “we are hoping to see good qualifying times at Road Atlanta, as that will be the first sign of progress from our off season efforts.” Every member of the Kopp Motorsports effort is extremely excited to be going back to being a privateer, family-run, team and have high expectations for the 2014 F2000 Championship Series season.

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