Keith Grant Secures Pole for Race Two!

August 4, 2019

In a nail biter of a session, Keith Grant held off Dario Cangialosi to secure the top starting position for race two!

The Atlantic Championship drivers entered the track for their last round of qualifying of the 2019 season. Dario Cangialosi, now with the championship securely in his position, likely can drive with a little less caution than in the weekends previous sessions. Keith Grant, yesterday’s winner, inherited the second spot in the championship thanks to that haul of points.

At the ten minute mark, the drivers were starting to achieved speeds that would expected from them. Keith Grant was the fastest thus far, but Cangialosi was less than two tenths of a second back. Lee Alexander in the third and continually improving. Rich Zober, yesterday’s master’s winner, was fourth overall, and Flinn Lazier held the fifth spot.

With five minutes left in the session, Grant was still circulating, but he’s not quite managed to better his previous time. Cangialosi is till pounding around, but he too is struggling to improve. Zober in third, takes a brief stop in the pits, he hits the racing surface just in time to complete one more flying lap.

With just two minutes left on the clock, Cangialosi finds a bit of pace, it’s not enough to endanger Grant. There are still about two tenths of a second between the two. The next time by, Cangialosi improves again. This time he narrows the gap to a single tenth of a second, the checker flag flies behind him, he will get one more flying lap. Grant comes by to get the checker, he was on a flier too, he’s cut another two tenths from his best. Grant has the top spot in hand, but Cangialosi got an extra lap. To the line, Cangialosi improves! It’s not however enough to beat Grant. Rich Zober starts third, Alexander, is fourth, and Corliss starts fifth.

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