K-Hill Motorsports: 2014 Atlantic Champion Team

September 9, 2014
Daniel Burkett

Abbottstown, PA – The Atlantic Championship Series ended its 2014 season at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut over Labor Day weekend. The Championship was decided, and driver Daniel Burkett, who drove a Swift 016 for K-Hill Motorsports, took the title. Burkett was not the only K-Hill driver who was in the running for a spot in the top three Championship standings. Conner Kearby, another young driver, fought hard for third. After a very intense last race of the season, Kearby took fifth place in the Championship, giving K-Hill Motorsports, two top five titles.

K-Hill Motorsports was a dominating presence at all of the Atlantic Championship Series races during the 2014 season, starting out at Road Atlanta in early April. Right off the bat, the team showed up in the paddock with multiple haulers, many drivers, a huge crew, and swept the weekend with two poles and two wins. From that race on, K-Hill Motorsports proved to be a forced to be reckoned with, as did its drivers.

Team owner, Kris Kaiser, is not the typical race team owner that sits in his trailer during the races or only shows up once a season. Kaiser was always present and could easily be found in the paddock with his crew and drivers. At given point during a race weekend he could be found going over video with drivers, wrenching on a car with his crew, to even cleaning off oil pans. K-Hill runs many events during the race season, including Formula Atlantic club racing events, which keeps the team on the go all season long.

To run a team with so many cars and drivers requires a small village. K-Hill Motorsports owes its two Atlantic Championship Series titles to not only the drivers who won them, but the entire team that makes the machine the is K-Hill run smoothly.

Kaiser specifically called each member of his crew and office team after the last race podium ceremony to thank them for their efforts during the season. The K-Hill owner and the drivers all spoke highly of the entire team. Not only did Kaiser and the drivers thank their crew and employees, they also thanked the companies and sponsors that helped make their season possible. Without the commitments from those companies, and the hard work from the team, their Championship title might not have been possible.

K-Hill Motorsports greatly appreciates and thanks the following crew members and staff: Mike Duncan, David Neufeld, Shawn Norris, Derick Baker, Don Stadler, Dustin Montenaro, Jethro Austin, Colton Laughman, Tom Bowers, Teresa Brown, Heather Kavanaugh, Joe Marcinski, Joe Kaiser, Christi Smokstad, Mark Probrosky, Greg Blaser, Tommy Scruggs, and Mike Hummel.

The following companies and company representatives were also thanked by K-Hill Motorsports: Bruce Hamilton and Hamilton Associates Inc., Steve Knapp and Elite Engines, Tonis Kasemets and Best Pros, Bruce Foss and Hoosier Tire, Champion, Mazda Motorsports and PFC.

K-Hill Motorsports plans to return to the Atlantic Championship Series next season. For more information on the team visit www.k-hillmotorsports.com. For information on the Atlantic Championship Series visit www.AtlanticChampionshipSeries.com.

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