Josh Green Stands on Top of Podium for Pelfrey

May 13, 2019

Josh Green presented a steady and controlled race to win race three at Watkin's Glen International!

The weather continuing to punish, the rain still coming, Sunday has not been kind to the F1600 Championship Series competitors. The green flew and the field screamed through turn one and down the back straight toward the bus stop. Josh Green the pole sitter came through in first, Kotyk followed closely in second, then it was Dexter Czuba in third. By the end of the lap it was Kotyk back at the point where he appeared comfortable in the weekend's previous two races.

As Kotyk starts to stretch the lead, it's the Pelfrey boys holding second through fourth with Green, Czuba, and Ori respectively. Goikhberg was in fifth, however an error in the bus stop meant he had to hand the position to Christian Lall Dass and remerge onto the racing surface in a safe manner. Bob Reid holds seventh at this time and leads the master’s division. In these tough conditions certainly a strong drive for the master's competitor.

The top three running within two tenths of a second of each other, they are only separated by two seconds now. Ori in fourth is now a further six seconds down the road and Christian Lall Dass a further eight seconds back. The rain, which had slowed to a steady drizzle, is getting heavier again. Green registered the fastest lap of the race. Czuba is a hair off that pace. While Kotyk is showing less of a lead than he had before. Meanwhile, Bob Reid still leads Scott Rubenzer in the master’s category, but they are separated by less than two seconds.

Just over halfway and Green gets by Kotyk. Czuba still lurking in third, definitely not out of the race but not exactly hounding Kotyk either. Ori follows in fourth, Dass in fifth, and Misha Goikhberg a distant sixth now. The rain mercilessly baths the facilities. Meanwhile, the battle for fourth is heating up. It appears Ayrton Ori slipped up. This has let the surging Christian Lall Dass within shouting distance. Only a second separates the two now.

Time is running out, it's only possible to run three more laps. Green has stretched his advantage on Kotyk to almost two seconds. Czuba comfortably in third, Ori still in fourth, but with Dass in fighting distance.

As the checker flies there’s no change in the top five. However, Scott Rubenzer overtakes Bob Reid to take the master’s win, they finish eighth and ninth overall.

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