John Walko Racing Tests Andrew Hobbs

August 17, 2011
Andrew Hobbs in the RFR

Andrew Hobbs, Wisconsin native met with John Walko Racing at Beaverun Motorsports Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania for testing. After initial fitting, Hobbs took to the track in the John WalkoRacing prepped RFR F2000 Championship Series car. Hobbs, who had previous experience in an F2000 Championship Series car quickly became comfortable and despite a damp trackearly on ran competitive lap times almost immediately.

Hobbs had this to say:

“I just wanted to get comfortable with the car. It was really helpful to have a car that is known to be fast and getting into it and having that information behind me was really helpful. Looking over the data, not just at previous lapping sessions, but also getting good coaching was really great, especially at the end [of the day] when we made a few changes and I was able to experience those on track was really cool.”

Hobbs was able to improve his performance across the test day and set his best lap times during his final testing laps.

Driver coach Steve Welk elaborated:

“I’m very happy with our experience with John Walko Racing. John was great with the car and everything went really smoothly. Andrew responded well to John’s coaching and I’m very happy with how Andrew drove. All things considered, he was able to get the best out of the car.”

John Walko Racing, based out of Trafford, Pennsylvania, currently has three drivers competing in the F2000 Championship Series and has accrued multiple race victories as well as podium finishes. For more information visit

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