John McCusker: Season Wrap-up

December 11, 2015

John McCusker closed out his 2015 F2000 Championship Series season with a strong run, including his first visit to the F2000 podium which came at New Jersey Motorsports Park.


What was your highlight of the season and why?

John: The Highlight of my season was for sure my podium at New Jersey Motorsports Park. After having a rough year, this was a good feeling to be competitive in different car.

What was the most challenging weekend of the season for you and why?

The most challenging weekend was VIR for the obvious reason that my RFR burnt to the ground for 10 minutes. This was devastation for not only Dot Works Racing, but I think every one else in the paddock could relate to our pain.  

What was your favorite event?

My favorite event has to be Road Atlanta, the track is phenomenal and it is always fun to see how all the competitors will emerge after a long winter break.

Best pass of the year?

The new Pitt Race facility has been a vast improvement from its predecessor in my opinion. The new circuit made for some quality racing; my best pass had to be at the first round when David Grant had a motor issue therefore creating a bottleneck on the back straightaway. I passed him and Sam Chastain three wide, with two wheels in the grass.

You’ve raced a variety of cars, what are the selling points of the F2000 car for you?

The F2000 Car is a great platform, I think it gives people a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to open wheel racing. The racing in this series is awesome; the crowd is very mature and professional.

How’s your BMW (M3)?

The BMW is great, took me a long time to find that car. Its going to see some neglect as I just got a Chevy Silverado so I can make it through the New York winters. Although I do have some plans for it this winter, in time for next years show season.  

What have you done to it?

Currently the car has fully adjustable Coil over suspension, Stoptech big brakes in the front, various reinforcements around the car, short shifter, Catless stepped headers, and a custom valvetronic muffler.

What do you eat for breakfast on a race weekend?

Eating breakfast on the race weekend is typically a challenge as they all vary in quality. However eggs and fruit is the first choice, second is oatmeal with fruit.

Any hints on 2016?

Plans for 2016 are still up for decision, however a return to the F2000 series is possible.

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