Jimmy Simpson Sails to Victory at VIR

June 8, 2014
Jimmy Simpson

Alton, VA – After an aborted start, Jimmy Simpson ended up on the top step on the podium in round five of the Atlantic Championship Series in his Atlantic Creations Swift 016. K-Hill Motorsport’s father-son duo, The Kearby’s, made their first joint trip to the podium with Conner finishing ahead of his father Gaston, both driving Swift 016 Atlantic cars in a hard-fought 15-lap event. This race marks the halfway point of the Atlantic Championship Season and a pivotal point in the Championship battle. There is one more race at VIR on Sunday, then events at Mid-Ohio and Thompson later in the summer.

On the pace lap, Championship points leader and the only race winner so far this season until VIR Daniel Burkett, pulled off into turn 14. After having engine issues during practice, it was his steering rack that broke on the pace lap, causing him to miss the entirety of the race.

Simpson said: “It was a shame to see Daniel (Burkett) pull off on the pace lap because I was hoping to have a good race with him.”

Simpson led all laps of the race and set the new track race record with a time of 1:42.993, to add to his track records at Watkins Glen. Simpson didn’t take all the credit for his win.

“I owe it all to the team, the car was amazing today and we’ve gained so much ground since Road Atlanta,” he said.

With Burkett out of the running for a podium finish right from the start, the fight for the win was toss-up between a large number of drivers who qualified near the front. This intensity caused multiple competitors to attempt to jump the start, and the officials made the decision to waive off the green.

The following lap was a clean formation and the field went green. Unfortunately, the clean formation lasted only until turn one of the 17-turn Virginia International Raceway track. Tyler Hunter, who had qualified in third in his Swan Racing Swift 014, spun in front of the field and dropped to last place.

With Burkett out, Ethan Ringel and the Kearby’s had the fight to catch Simpson and gain their spots on the podium. Ringel held tight to second place for the majority of the race. Unfortunately for the COMPREP driver, he had an issue on lap 12 and did not finish the race.

Conner finished ahead of his father and took a familiar spot on the podium. A driver of few words he stated that “the car was awesome and the race worked out well.”

His father, Gaston, made his first trip to the podium finishing third.

The good humored K-Hill driver said: “I’m the old guy here and we can win occasionally, it is fun beating the kids and keeping them honest.”

Keith Grant of Polestar finished fourth, with Matt Miller of COMPREP rounding out the top five of the Atlantic Championship Series. The top three finishers of the Atlantic Challenge for non Swift 016 cars were Conner Burke, Bruce Crocket, and Bruce Hamilton.

Qualifying for race two of the VIR weekend starts at Noon on Sunday, with race twi starting at 4:10 local time.

Race Results:

PosNo.NameLapsBest TmMake/ModelDiff 1 21 Jimmy Simpson 15 1:42.993 Swift 016 Mazda - 2 56 Conner Kearby 15 1:44.883 Swift 016 Mazda +26.610 3 69 Gaston Kearby 15 1:45.261 Swift 016 Mazda +30.706 4 40 Keith Grant 15 1:43.516 Swift 016 Mazda +33.116 5 82 Matt Miller 15 1:44.526 Swift 016A Mazda +43.951 6 66 Richard Zober 15 1:45.158 Swift 016 Mazda +45.094 7 71 Michael Mallinen 15 1:45.927 Swift 016A Mazda +59.502 8 19 Connor Burke 15 1:45.543 Swift Toyota +1:01.537 9 5 Bruce Crockett 15 1:46.175 Swift 014 Toyota +1:06.986 10 06 Bruce Hamilton 15 1:46.409 Swift 014 Toyota +1:08.188 11 11 Dwight Rider 15 1:47.586 Ralt Rt-41 Toyota +1:22.608 12 09 J.R. Smart 15 1:48.115 Swift 014A Toyota +1:27.430 13 22 Tyler Hunter 15 1:45.263 Swift 014A Toyota +1:29.621 14 55 John Burke 14 1:46.697 Swift Toyota 1 Lap 15 49 Ethan Ringel 11 1:43.188 Swift 016A Mazda 4 Laps DNF 17 Bob Corliss 2 2:00.012 Swift 014A Toyota 13 Laps DNF 4 Daniel Burkett 0 -.--- Swift 016 Mazda -

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