Jeff Walrich Media Launches Online Photo Sales Website Featuring FRP Teams and Drivers

September 1, 2020

“Individual photos, prints and more now available”

Expanding the footprint of the Formula Race Promotions (FRP) program through a new and innovative website, streamlining of social media accounts, features of teams and drivers, and consistent photography services through Jeff Walrich Media and RTD Media & Management, FRP is taking their program to the next level. Now, teams and competitors will have the opportunity to purchase individual photos and other promotional items from events dating back to the first green flag of 2020 and onwards into the future.

“Thank you to all the teams and drivers that signed up for weekend photo packages, graphics and more,” explained Jeff Walrich Media. “Mike Maurini from RTD Media and I have been working together to continue to expand the overall services and items available from our individual companies to help you, the teams and competitors, get the extra attention and promotion that you deserve. Now, with the new online Jeff Walrich Media photo store, we have added another feature for your benefit.”

Please visit the website by clicking HERE.

With individual high-resolution photos available for purchase and download, users can also purchase prints, posters, wall art, and cards of any or all of their favorite photos. While photos will be available for immediate download, all other items will be shipped directly to your location providing a hassle-free and low-stress purchase experience.

“Jeff has become a fixture in the FRP paddock and has provided the teams and racers of the series with some awesome photography,” explained Robert Wright. “Providing all photos for the FRP website and promotional programs, Jeff is constantly hustling on race weekends to ensure he is in the best position to get that perfect shot.”

With seven weeks off before the next Formula Race Promotions event at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex over the October 16-18 weekend, now is the perfect time to visit the website and pick the best photos of yourself to date in 2020.

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