JAY Motorsports Announces F1600 Team

December 19, 2014
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PALMETTO, FLA. (December 18, 2014) – JAY Motorsports has announced that in an effort to build on their winning driver development program they will be adding a F1600 Formula F Championship Series program to the already proven USF2000 program for the 2015 season. The addition of an F1600 team will augment the Florida-based team’s race winning USF2000 program.

F1600 is considered to be the quintessential next step from karting to cars. It provides a platform from which young aspiring professional drivers can learn all the basics of mechanical grip, spring and damper settings, the art of race craft and much more. With an earlier announcement from the series that there will now be 3 races per weekend rather than 2 it made the decision that much easier for JAY Motorsports team principal Jay Green. “We have watched the F1600 Championship Series since its inception, and we feel that with the added races in 2015 the series will be stronger than ever.” stated Green

For the 2015 campaign JAY Motorsports will have the Spectrum chassis as their weapon of choice. “I have always admired the Spectrum chassis and through a mutual friend I was introduced to Michael Duncalfe, owner of Exclusive Autosport who is the North American and Canadian Importer and Distributor of the Spectrum chassis. Michael and I have discussed JAY Motorsports using the Spectrum F1600 chassis for a number of months, so it is very exciting to see the program come to fruition.” stated Green. “We are honoured that Jay Green of JAY Motorsports has chosen the Spectrum 014H F1600  to enter the F1600 Formula F Championship Series and compliment his already established and proven USF2000 program.  The Spectrum is one of the winningest chassis' in F1600 history and we have no doubt that JAY Motorsports will find success in the F1600 circuit this season. We look forward to seeing his Spectrum F1600s on track and following his teams success.” said Duncalfe.

The Spectrum will be powered by the Honda L15a7 Fit engine. “We are excited to see Jay step into a F1600 program as the class really has some great momentum. Jay and his team always provide a quality program and any driver that runs through their camp will gain some very valuable knowledge. I expect them to be very competitive right of the box.” Says Jeff Barrow, Honda’s Commercial Motorsports Manager.

"From its inception in 2011, we have watched the F1600 Championship Series evolve with some of the closest and best racing I have ever witnessed.  Adding another top notch team in JAY Motorsports can only enhance and improve the competition.  Welcome to our paddock." said Bob Wright, owner of the F1600 Championship Series.

Drivers interested in joining JAY Motorsports, are encouraged to contact team principal Jay Green.

Additional information on JAY Motorsports can be obtained from the team’s website @ www.jaymotorsports.com For direct contact, please contact Jay Green @ 304-610-5663 or jaymotorsports1@gmail.com and keep up to date via Twitter @ jaymtrsprt and on Facebook @ JAYMotorsportsLLC

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