Introducing.... Caitlin Johnston

March 15, 2009
Caitlin Johnston will be contesting the entire 2009 F2000 Season for Z-Sports.

Hello Everyone!!! My name is Caitlin Johnston, and I will be joining the F2000 Championship Series this season. I am really looking forward to joining the series full time, I think that it is a great step in the racing ladder that should not be missed. From the first test I had in one, I fell in love with the cars.

For me, I have come from a differing array of racing experience, that all started back when I was 10. I was racing snowmobiles in the Canadian snow-cross circuit, when I discovered go-karting. Then as soon as I knew it, seven seasons of go-kart racing had passed, and I had won a Formula Senior Championship in 2006, as well as awards such as Sr. Rookie of the Year, Sr. Most Improved Driver as well as Sr. High Points Champion. One thing about me though, is that I have always been a motor head, and ever since I was little, I have been around all things motors. From the time I was six months old, (yes I said six months) I have been doing some sort of riding on snowmobiles, dirtbikes, ATVs and then I discovered racing. The rest is history.

Caitlin talks to the Z-Sports crew - Mosport 2008

Currently, I am finishing out my third year of university at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario, in an Honours Political Science major. I am going into my last few weeks before exams, so life is a bit crazy right now with all of the mid terms, essays and studying for finals that is going on. While school is a major focus in my life, it still doesn't help pass the time during the winter fast enough, before I can get back to the track. My dad and I reminisce about racing all winter long, and talk about how we just can't wait to get back to the track. For me it's not just the racing, it's the whole atmosphere at the track that I love.

To pass the time in the winter, I also really enjoy going snowmobiling. It doesn’t quite match the adrenaline rush that I get from racing, but it is definitely a lot of fun. Just a few weeks ago, I went on a snowmobiling trip up in Northern Ontario, which is one of my all time favourite things to do. My dad and I went to a snowmobiling event in memoriam of a good friend of ours, who had recently passed away. Over the course of the weekend we rode approximately 500 miles, in some of the best riding conditions I have ever had. Ripping around the trails on my sled, an '09 Crossfire 800 R, was the most fun I have had all winter.

The last few years that I have been car racing, have been an awesome experience for me. I have learned a great deal along the way, have met some terrific people, fellow race competitors included, and I am really looking forward to learning much more in my future racing endeavours.

I am looking forward to keeping everyone posted on the race season as it progresses along.


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