Interview with Jim Goughary

March 5, 2014
Jim Goughary

1.   Looking back on your racing career, what is your all-time career highlight and why?

Jim Goughary: This is really tough to pick just one but it has to be winning the Trans-Am race at Watkins Glen in 2009. I have won the Runoffs, Pro events and Pro Championships but that 1 race for me is what I would pick. So much history in Trans-Am and I have followed it for so long. Then I was given the opportunity to drive in a few of those races which was a dream come true (I know that sounds so sappy but it is true).

2. Looking ahead to 2014, the Series is expanding with more races, and bigger teams and more drivers coming in – what are your goals for the year and how will you accomplish them?

JG: New team for me in 2014, Ski Motorsports,  but same old goal, win races and the championship. After the season I had last year it probably looks so far out of reach but I expect good things to come this season.

3. What kind of equipment should we expect to see you in?

JG:Van Diemen. In fact I would love to prove that you can still get it done without spending so much money for the latest and greatest.

4. What will be the biggest challenge of the year for you and how will you overcome it?

JG:I cannot name just one. I think there are so many things that have to line up in order to win with such a competitive series. Consistency, reliability, speed and some luck.

5. The F1600 Series last took to the race track in August, 2013, what have you been doing (racing-wise) since?

JG: Licking my wounds ;) actually raced in the first 4 SCCA Majors and won 3 of them. So I feel like we are starting off with some momentum. Other than that Jeremy at Ski Motorsports has been working hard on the details to make sure we have the right stuff to get it done.

6. Outside of racing, what are your hobbies (if any)?

JG: Family, work, skiing, running. I started a new business 2 years ago and it has taken a lot of my time and focus but now that the company is running on all its cylinders I will be able to clear my brain and drive.

7. What question should we ask the next driver we interview?

JG: How will it be possible to beat Goughary in 2014?  ;)

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