Interview with Ayla Agren

March 15, 2014
Ayla Agren

1. Looking back on the 2013 FF season, what was your personal highlight?

Looking back to the 2013 season I feel like my personal highlight was the race at Summit Point. Result wise it wasn't the best, but it is the race where I definitely developed the most as a driver, and that is always the goal.

2. Looking ahead to 2014, the Series is expanding with more races, and bigger teams and more drivers coming in – what are your goals for the year and how will you accomplish them?

First of, great that more teams are joining the F1600 category! It's always great racing at these events and to see that we have one more race weekend this year made me very happy! My goal for this season is definitely to be fighting for the championship. I think Team Pelfrey has a great driver line up, where we drivers can push each other the extra step. So that will be one of my main focuses to accomplish my goal, working hard together with team and team mates. Along side I have also been working on some of my own errors from last year to be even better prepared for the season ahead!

3. The 2014 schedule has a number of new tracks – what are you looking forward to most and why?

I always enjoy racing at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, so really looking forward to that. Out of the new tracks I have heard nothing but great things about Watkins Glen International, so really looking forward to experiencing that track, not once but twice this year!!

4. What will be the biggest challenge of the year for you and how will you overcome it?

My biggest challenge of the year will be to keep up with Team Pelfreys driver coach Anders Krohns shenanigans! Haha:)

5. The last F1600 race was last August, what have you been doing since?

Before the winter I tested a F2000 car with HP-Tech, but a part from that I hadn't been in a race car before February this year. I have been back to Norway, working on partnerships and school exams. And that work is a big part of being able to go do what I love the most, race!

6. You hail from Norway, do you fly in for each race or do you live in the States?

Usually I only go back to Norway around three times a year. Here in the states I am living in Saint Petersburg, FL. So a big difference from Norway! This is only 20 min away from the Team Pelfrey shop, so it worked out perfectly this year!

7. Are you currently in school? If so, where?

Yes I am still in school. I am taking my bachelors degree in Business at a school in Norway called BI Nydalen. The school has been very helpful and understanding of the racing situation, so it has been working great so far!

8. Outside of racing, what are your hobbies (if any)?

School takes up much time on the side of racing, besides that it`s working out and preparing everything for the next race! So I wouldn't really say I have a hobby, but I really enjoy traveling, cooking and yoga!!

9. What question should we ask the next driver we interview?

What in/about racing makes it so special to you?

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