In Virginia Sun Dixon Wins Race Two!

July 28, 2019

Brandon Dixon won race two at VIR in sunbathed final as Minor's machine faultered and Palacio pressured from behind.


The F2000 Championship Series competitors entered the track in hot conditions, there were a few puffs of cloud in the sky, but not enough to significantly dim the intense sunshine. After a hard fought qualifying session, Brandon Dixon would lead the field to the start line. Steve Jenks lined up second, yesterday’s race winner Tim Minor in third, and Reece Everard in fourth. Three tenths of a second covered all four drivers in qualifying.

The race started and Dixon got a solid drive down to turn one, he would not be challenged. Jenks, on the outside line fell victim to Minor, but the biggest loser was Everard. He got hung out and fell back to sixth, both Nick Palacio and Matt McDonough got by. Meanwhile, before the conclusion of the first lap, Minor would get by Dixon and take the lead.

The battle for third raged. Everard didn’t rest and got by McDonough. Jenks who had fallen to fourth went back past the racy looking Palacio to regain the third spot. The two’s battle let Everard get close, and the three ran nose to tail. It wasn’t doing them any favors though, Minor and Dixon, who ran nose to tail themselves, now had nearly three seconds in hand over Jenks.

With ten laps to go, Minor, who was building a bit of a gap ground to a halt on the front straight. He pulled safely off the racing line, but his race was over. Dixon inherited the lead, but a full course caution was called so that safety vehicles could move Minor’s broken Citation. Steve Jenks was now second, the surging Nick Palacio third, Reece Everard fourth, and John LaRue in a seemingly trouble free race car for maybe the first time this weekend.

After a lengthy clean up, the racing is live once again. Dixon got a good restart and was not challenged. For Jenks however, it went all wrong. Palacio has found some pace, he got the jump on Jenks, and in turn one the deed was done. Everard followed closely, but Jenks remained in control of the third spot for the time being. At the completion of the lap, Dixon was out front, but Palacio was dogging him hard. The Van Diemen looks hooked, but only time will tell if he can make inroads on Dixon. A small gap formed from Palacio to third place Jenks, while fourth place Everard continues to apply pressure.

With the long full course caution, the race will run against the clock. There is just enough time for three more laps. The order remains Dixon, Palacio, Jenks, Everard, LaRue. Dixon starting to generate a tad bit of breathing room, but it’s not enough to feel comfortable. The top five are covered by just three seconds. Two laps left to circulate. Dixon has a little under a second advantage on Palacio. Jenks is closing on Palacio now, Everard and LaRue are both right there too. The white flag flies, there’s just one lap left. At the line the order stays the same, Dixon takes race two!

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