In Tight Race Dobbie Conquers

August 4, 2019

Andrew Dobbie lost the lead at the start, but after chasing dogging Brandon Dixon for the majority of the race, it was Dobbie to cross the finish line first!

Andrew Dobbie led the field out onto the front straight, the green flag waved, and the field was off! Dobbie got a clean drive into turn one, but it was Dixon with the advantage at the completion of the lap. Dobbie followed closely, Palacio third, Voigt fourth, and Jacobsen fifth.

The front two got to work, they started to put some space between themselves and third place Palacio, but there wasn’t much between them. Just a half second separated Dixon and Dobbie. Meanwhile, Palacio and Voigt were running nose to tail, with Kerry Jacobsen, after narrowly recovering from mechanical issues to make the race, is still in striking distance in fifth.

With twelve laps to race, Voigt got a run on Palacio into turn seventeen, but it wasn’t to be. Voigt didn’t give up though, they raced down the front straight, Voigt having a look into turn one. Palacio defended a tad, but again Voigt couldn’t take the spot. The duo at the front continued to hammer on, Dobbie followed Dixon, only four tenths of a second separated the two.

At the halfway mark, the ordered remained, but the battles for first and third rage. Each battle is covered by less than a half second. Again, Voigt has a look under Palacio into turn one, he can’t get it done though. Palacio is too deep on the brakes to let Voigt take the spot. One lap later, Voigt tries again, but it’s repeat of his previous attempts and the Palacio keeps third.

Out front, Dixon and Dobbie trade fast laps. Still less than half a second separate the two. Dobbie can’t seem to make any major inroads on Dixon, the gap is small, but the two are evenly matched. In the race for third, Voigt finally gets by Palacio. He used the brake zone in turn seventeen, Palacio can’t defend this time. Four laps remain in the race.

Dobbie has gotten by Dixon! An error by Dixon, he locks his brakes into turn one, Dobbie gets the drive off the exit. The two have switched spots! They cross the line, there are three laps to go! Voigt now grows a bit of a lead on Palacio, he’s got seven tenths of a second in hand.

At the front, Dobbie continues to lead, it’s Dixon’s turn to hunt. The two are separated by a half second with two laps remaining.

As the white flag flies, there’s on lap to go, Dixon doesn’t seem to be able to challenge. The gap remains steady but Dixon isn’t close enough to attempt a pass. Voigt has now pulled out some space on Palacio, he’s safe in third. They cross the line, Dobbie takes his first F2000 Championship Series Win!

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