In Epic Duel Kotyk Pulls Out Win

August 4, 2019

In a race that saw several drivers lead, it was Jonatahan Kotyk to lead when it counted the most giving him the win in race two at PIRC!

For race two, Dexter Czuba started on pole, yesterday’s race winner Simon Sikes sits on outside pole. Jonathan Kotyk starts third, Chris Horan in fourth, and Josh Green fifth. As the green flag flew, Czuba got a terrible jump, he was in fourth by the exit of turn one. Sikes took over the lead, Kotyk fell into second, Horan to third. By the end of the first lap, Horan got by Kotyk and closed on Sikes, the top five formed a pack and started distancing themselves from the racers behind.

Eleven laps left to race, Sikes leads, Horan is second, Kotyk third, Josh Green fourth, Czuba fifth, and Bryce Aron is sixth but well off the pack. For seventh through ninth, it’s Kyle Burton August, Charles Anti, and Scott Rubenzer.

The leaders cross the line to make it ten laps to go. Kotyk takes the lead from Sikes, Horan is still third.  Green follows in fourth, Czuba in fifth. Less than a second covers the top five. Somewhere on the lap Sikes disappears, he’s gone off. The lead pack shrinks to four cars.

Out front, Kotyk leads, Green has made his way into the second spot, Horan holds steady in third, and Czuba lurks off the tail of the pack. Aron runs well adrift in fifth. Charles Anti is sixth and continues to battle with Burton August and the leading master’s driver, Scott Rubenzer. Sikes, who reentered the track behind Rubenzer, is now closing in on the fight for sixth, he will make landfall in the next lap or two.

With five more laps on the counter, the top four continue to casually switch positions. Josh Green is taking his turn at the point, Kotyk follows, Czuba is third, and Horan is fourth. Aron run steadily in fifth. Meanwhile Sikes has made good on his pace advantage, he’s gotten by several drivers and is now sixth overall.

The leaders cross the line and it’s just three laps left to run. The top four are nose to tail, you can hardly see a gap between them. Kotyk leads, Green is second, Cuzba is third, Horan fourth. Green likes the clean air out front, he goes back by Kotyk on the entry to the esses. They cross the finish line again, Kotyk drives back by Green into turn one. Czuba follows Kotyk through, Green falls to third. To the esses, Czuba has a look on Kotyk, he can’t make it work.

The white flag flies, one lap to go! Czuba gets Kotyk into one, Kotyk counters in the bowl and leads the race again. Horan disappears, he’s been off in turn three. Kotyk controls the front, Czuba and Green look for an opportunity to sneak by. Coming to the checker flag, it’s Green in second, Kotyk takes the win! There’s just two tenths of a second between the top two.

In the master’s category, Scott Rubenzer takes the win! Mike Scanlan is second, and Bob Reid makes a return to the podium in third.

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