Hoosier F1600 Rear Tire Interference to Upright on Some DB1s/ DB6s

April 30, 2011

This bulletin is a response from Hoosier to the isolated interference issues reported at the inaugural F1600 event at VIR.

1.     Differences in sidewall profiles between Hoosier and Goodyear

Please view the illustration below.


As you can see, there is a distinct difference between the Hoosier and Goodyear lower sidewall profiles. Given the fact that Swift uprights were designed around the Goodyear profile, this creates a greater chance of interference to the upright when using Hoosier tires. This condition has existed for years and has historically been resolved with the simple installation of a “wheel spacer”.

2.     The variance from tire to tire relative to the offset side to side from center.

The “centering” variance that can be measured in the rear tires is a common characteristic of a bias-ply tire with a “cantilevered” sidewall design. It is more noticeable when there is a “tight” proximity issue between the sidewall of the tire and another chassis component.

Once again, this condition has been isolated to some, not all, DB1 and DB6 chassis. Over the years, and because of the simple fix of using a “wheel spacer” and the low frequency  of this condition’s occurrence, we have not been compelled to make changes to the mold to alter the lower sidewall profile. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Anyone that desires to engage in further discussion of this matter is invited to contact:

Bruce Foss, bfoss@hoosiertire.com , 574.784.3152

Tim Gilvin, tgilvin@hoosiertire.com , 574.784.3152

Hoosier would like to thank all FF competitors who are showing interest in this exciting new Pro series through their participation. We feel fortunate to have developed a solid relationship with the organizers  of the series and are excited about it’s potential.As a part of this, we are committed to providing absolutely the best “tire supplier” experience for all participants.

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