Group-A Racing To Reward Its Drivers With Atlantic Test

December 10, 2012

Lindenhurst, NY – Group-A Racing is happy to announce an in house prize package to reward its F2000 Championship Series drivers. Through partnerships of & Vredestein Tires the team will award any of their drivers that win the championship with them, a free Formula Atlantic test.

This is just one more thing that shows the dedication and desire of the Group-A Racing organization has for developing young talent. With this, the team becomes the only team in the F2000 Championship Series to have its own prize package to reward its drivers for their contribution to the team. This reward was strategically picked due to it will continue to help the driver become more prepared for the next season.

“We are all about developing drivers. We look to make them better drivers on and off the track and now with this program we are able to help them, to make the next step up the ladder with this prize. The Atlantic Championship Series is the next step up after the F2000 Championship Series, so it’s a great opportunity for the driver to test the equipment. Even if they do not choose Formula Atlantic, the test will be a great opportunity for the driver to get experience in a car with a lot more horsepower and downforce.” Commented team owner Joe Scarallo Sr.

Group-A Racing originally came back to F2000 competition in 2009 with two rookie drivers (Jonathan Scarallo & Collin Alexander) straight out of the Bertil Roos Racing School. It was a great year yet again for Group-A developing two young talents, scoring top-10 and top-five results all year long. They have continued to do the same with similar type of drivers along with international drivers making the transition from karts to cars. The organization is currently planning a 2 car championship effort with its 2 Van Diemen Zetecs which is the package that has won every single F2000 Championship Series race except for one.

Drivers interested in testing and racing with Group-A Racing are invited to contact them via or (631) 974-4379.

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