Grant Wins, Caps Record-Setting Weekend at Mid-Ohio

July 6, 2015
No. 40 Keith Grant Swift 016/Mazda

Lexington, OH - Keith Grant earned himself a redeeming Atlantic Championship win at the end of race two for the Mid-Ohio weekend and rounds seven and eight of the series. Saturday winner Conner Kearby came up second behind Grant only to be followed by his father Gaston Kearby yet again, in third.

 Despite securing pole positions for both races this weekend, Grant was left off the track after an incident between himself and C. Kearby in race one; making race two a rewarding one for the No. 40 Polestar driver. Grant also put down a track record in Saturday qualifying only to beat his own time in Sunday qualifying. 

"It was a tough day yesterday but we ran well today, the car handled great in qualifying and has been fast all weekend. I need to thank Polestar and also Alex Barron for all his help. I really appreciate everything the team put behind the car today. I never thought the track record would be broken and we did it, so I'm happy with that,” said Grant on his Saturday troubles that led up to his success in race two. 

The start of race two was a repeat of race one for C. Kearby. The young K-Hill driver found himself positioned behind his competitor and the point’s leader. The outcome of the race, however, was not a repeat for C. Kearby as he settled for second place in his No. 56 Swift 016/Mazda.

"At the start he just pulled away and my back tires were loose, he had a great run and got in front of me. At that point it was on pushing it and having luck and trying to run the fastest lap of the race. The points should even me and Keith up and gap everyone else,” said C. Kearby. 

Gaston Kearby defended his third place spot for almost the entire race as Connor Burke was right on his tail. Race two also allowed Gaston Kearby to double up on Atlantic Challenge wins for the Mid-Ohio weekend. 

"It was a tough afternoon chasing after my son and keeping Connor Burke behind me. I didn't get to cruise back there and relax,” commented G. Kearby on his fight to maintain third. 

Connor Burke’s efforts came up short as he kept the pace with G. Kearby, but in the end he missed the podium with a fourth place finish. 

Coming in fifth overall as well as second behind G. Kearby in the Atlantic Challenge division was fellow K-Hill driver Dudley Fleck. Finishing third in the Atlantic Challenge division was Lewis Cooper Jr. 

In other news, Chris Ash failed to make it to the grid for race two. 

The Atlantic Championship Series continues with rounds nine and ten at the newly renovated road course in Pittsburgh on July 31-2.

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