Grant on Pole as Track Heats Up!

August 3, 2019

In the first round of qualifying here at PIRC, Keith Grant was the fastest of the drivers, thus securing pole position for race one!



This, the ultimate weekend for the Formula Atlantic Championship, the championship will be decided at this event. Out front, Dario Cangialosi holds a mighty lead. He only needs to finish this weekend’s races to secure the championship. However, the battle for second is much closer. Lee Alexander is in second, Rich Zober third, Dudley Fleck is fourth, and Keith Grant fifth. The four drivers are separated by just thirteen points. There are one hundred potential points up for grab during the two races this weekend.

With the gravitas of the championship on their minds, the Atlantic drivers hit the track. With sunny skies and temperate eighty degree weather, the contenders have ideal conditions for the first qualifying session of the weekend.

Keith Grant was the first to strike. He stepped into the 1:32’s early on. Flinn Lazier was in second, Lee Alexander in third, Rich Zober in fourth, and Dario Cangialosi was off to a slow start in the fifth spot.

With ten minutes of run time now used, Cangialosi has come to life. He jumped into the second spot, just two tenths of a second adrift from Grant in first. Flinn Lazier is third, Rich Zober fourth and is the leading master’s entry, while Lee Alexander if fifth.

As temperatures continue to climb, it appears as the track at least stalled in regards to pace. The drivers keep lapping, but nobody is making any gains on their times from ten minutes earlier. At the twenty minute mark, the order has been steady. There would be no change in the order as they the checker flag flies. Keith Grant will start on pole for the race one here at PIRC!

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